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Having produced a branding guide in English, a recent Tomedes client needed to use a Portuguese translation service in order to share it with his Brazilian team.

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English to Portuguese branding guide translation

March 24, 2019

Providing services in multiple countries while maintaining consistent quality and brand standards can be a challenge. One way that marketing departments head off potential issues is to put branding guidelines in place. 

In the case of a recent Tomedes client, his company was selling products in both the US and Brazil. The client wanted to ensure that his brand was presented in the same way in both countries, so prepared a branding guide for his teams to use. Having produced the guide in English, he needed to use a Portuguese translation service in order to share it with his Brazilian team. Enter Tomedes!

Our marketing translation experts work with clients around the world, supporting them to connect with their customers and sell their goods and services in multiple languages. Marketing translation covers a wide range of areas, including video translation, presentation translation, brochure translation and much more. In the case of this client, it meant translating his brand guide from English to Brazilian Portuguese. 

From his base in Rio de Janeiro, our Brazilian marketing translator got straight to work. With plenty of experience of marketing and branding, as well as superb language skills, he was ideally positioned to translate the client’s branding guide. He maintained a close dialogue with the client during the translation process, to ensure that any queries (such as over the interpretation of key messaging) were dealt with swiftly and that the Portuguese document perfectly mirrored the original English version. 

The client was thrilled to receive such thorough and attentive service, as he was with the high-quality Portuguese branding guide that resulted from it. Another Tomedes translation success story!

If you have a marketing document that would benefit from professional translation, Tomedes is here to help. We cover over 90 languages, with translation and localisation experts on hand to support your company to succeed in whichever languages it chooses. 

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