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A recent Tomedes client used our advertising translation service to translate his advert from English to Polish.

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Professional Polish Translation

September 20, 2017

It takes time and effort to craft the perfect advert. Companies invest a great deal in producing adverts that will reach out and grab the attention of potential customers, filling them with the desire to own a certain product or use a particular service. 

Having invested so much effort in producing an excellent advert, why then limit your audience to speakers of just one language? This was precisely the thinking behind a recent Tomedes’ client’s decision to use our advertising translation service. 

Advertising translation is one of a range of professional translation services that Tomedes provides. We support clients around the world to connect with new customers through the power of advertising, both online and in print media. This particular client needed his advert translated into Polish. With a network of over 5,000 professional translators at our disposal, we were quickly and efficiently able to source the perfect translator – a native Polish speaker with a background in marketing and advertising. Bingo! 

The English to Polish translation was undertaken as per the client’s instructions and timescales. He was in a hurry to meet a print media deadline, so took advantage of our urgent translation service in order to ensure that he didn’t miss out. We are happy to provide this kind of express translation whenever needed. 

The client had been impressed with the translation price that Tomedes had quoted him at the start of the job and continued to be impressed as we worked with him, first by our courteous and helpful customer service and then by our high quality translation. He also engaged our localization service, to double check that there was nothing in his advertising copy that caused unintended offence or amusement. This is a valuable service for anyone looking to sell products or services overseas. 

If you would like to know more about how professional translation and/or localization can help your business, contact Tomedes today. Our translation company is at your disposal! 

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