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A client whose website we had already translated to Japanese came back for more, asking us to translate his sales brochure as well

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English to Japanese sales brochure translation

August 28, 2016

Marketing products and services overseas has become an increasingly important part of modern business and Tomedes is regularly asked to assist with the translation of marketing materials. Our translation company supports businesses around the world to reach out to new markets by translating everything from business cards to presentations to sales brochures. 

A regular client recently asked us to translate his sales brochure into Japanese. Our English to Japanese translation of his company website had worked wonders in promoting his brand to buyers in Japan and now he was keen to follow that up by translating some of his other sales materials. 

We had initially impressed the client with our low cost service. From the first time he used our instant quote to find out a translation cost, he had been pleasantly surprised by the blending of value for money, accuracy and great customer service that Tomedes offers. 

We used our leading English to Japanese translator for this job, based in Yokohama. We always seek to use native translators in line with our commitment to producing the best possible translations. For the same reason, we only ever use professional human translators – machine translation doesn’t produce accurate and reliable enough results for our clients. 

Our translator had previously worked on this client’s website, so was familiar with his brand and products already, which helped to speed up the translation of his marketing brochure. She worked quickly and diligently, so as to provide him with a top quality translation to a very quick timescale. The client was impressed with the results – we translated his sales brochure faster than he had expected, without compromising on quality. 

Tomedes are leaders in the translation of business documents and would be delighted to support your company to connect with new customers around the world. Contact us today to discuss how we can work with you to bring your business to new audiences.

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