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English to Japanese Business Translation and Website Localization

May 05, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the way we live upside down, not every business has ground to a halt. Indeed, companies in certain sectors have been busier than ever. Online shopping and grocery retailers, couriers, video call software providers, home education businesses… all of these and more are experiencing incredible demand for their services right now. 

Business Translation Services

This means that there is still plenty of demand for business translation services. Companies that have customers in multiple countries, or that sell products in one country but manufacture them in another, or provide a courier service to move others’ goods, often rely on business translation in order to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. 

A recent Tomedes client needed a suitably experienced business translator to help him take advantage of the new economic environment in which we find ourselves. He asked for our support with his business translation project – the translation and localization of his company website from English to Japanese. With a network of skilled, native Japanese translators on hand, we were delighted to be able to help. 

E-commerce Website Localization

The client’s website translation project was one that he wanted to undertake straight away. This posed no problem for the Tomedes team. We have website localization experts on hand to cover a hug range of language pairings, and with specialisations including numerous business sectors, alongside experienced legal translators and marketing translation experts. In fact, we’ve spent well over a decade building up a richly varied team in order to respond rapidly to our clients’ translation and localization requests, whether they relate to an online shopping business or a courier service. You can read a further example of our expertise by clicking the link below. 

After a detailed discussion over email about his requirements, the client decided to proceed with using our website translation services, due to a combination of our language skills, website localization experience and superb customer care. He wanted to use our website localization services to create a version of his English site that resonated perfectly with readers in Japan. 

This is precisely what localization services are able to achieve. While the work of a website translator largely starts and ends with the site’s copy, the ecommerce localization process factors in everything from imagery to usability, ensuring that the entire online shopping experience feels as though it were natively developed for the audience in question. 

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Marketing Translation Services

Of course, marketing translation comes into play here too. The way you sell a product differs hugely from country to country, at least it does if you plan to sell it successfully. Our client was well aware of this, so we talked in detail about the credentials of our marketing translation services before he engaged Tomedes to localize his website, discussing the value that an experienced marketing translator can bring to such a project. 

We had also discussed the concept of transcreation with the client. Transcreation is where the translation and localization process goes beyond simply converting the existing website and instead recreates it afresh. The result is a site that looks completely different from the original, but that achieves the same purpose, whether that be building brand loyalty, facilitating sales, accruing new customers or all of the above. 

After a detailed discussion, we agreed with the client that transcreation services weren’t the right way forward in this instance, as an accurate translation and careful localization would result in a website that would engage the new audience in the right way. 

Guaranteed Translation by Our Certified Japanese Translator

The client was also particularly interested in our translation guarantee. Tomedes offers this with every translation that we produce. It’s a one-year quality assurance offering that provides the client with complete peace of mind regarding the quality of the translation. 

Obviously, the client needed the English to Japanese translation to be of the highest quality. Indeed, our English to Japanese translation services provide nothing less! 

With our Japanese translation services engaged, the client was able to relax, knowing that his website was in safe hands. Our certified Japanese translator worked carefully through each page of the site, diligently localising the copy to ensure that it perfectly suited its new Japanese audience. 

The resulting Japanese translation was precisely what the client needed. It delivered the same messages as the English version of the website, but subtly reshaped in line with Japanese cultural nuances. This meant that the site remained true to the client’s brand, while also flexing in ways that made it particularly well suited to engage Japanese customers. 

Would you like to reach out to an audience in another country? If your business needs to engage international markets, but you don’t speak their language, it’s time to talk to Tomedes. We can assist not just with the translation and localization process, but also with developing a robust strategy that will help your company achieve its cross-border goals. Phone, email or live chat with us now to find out more! 

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