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A recent Tomedes client needed professional translation services to convert his app from English to Italian.

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English to Italian app translation

May 29, 2019

Between Google Play, the Apple App Store, the Windows Store, Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World, mobile device users have over 5 million apps available to them in 2019. That staggering range of choice reflects how busy app developers have been since the first iPhone was launched a little over a decade ago, marking a step change in the way that we use our mobile phones. 

Professional English to Italian translation

One consequence of this global proliferation of smartphones has been the need for app developers to translate their products into other languages. While doing so isn’t essential, it is a key means by which many developers increase the payoff for the hard work they put into producing the app in the first place. 

This was the case with a recent Tomedes client, who was looking to use professional translation services to convert his app from English to Italian in order to enjoy another revenue stream from it. 

App translation for developers 

We assigned our leading Italian app translator to the task so that she could get straight to work. It is our policy to link translators’ expertise with the topic at hand in this way, so that each client benefits from skills and experience that are specifically suited to their particular project. 

Our app translation services cover every element of the translation, from the technical side to the copy used within the app itself, as well as the translation of the app store description. In this client’s case, that also meant using our… 

Transcription expertise 

The app contained small snippets of video that the developer had used to try and engage users as part of his gamification strategy. In order to translate those elements, we first had to transcribe them. This is a standard part of video translation services, along with timestamping and subtitling. As such, we applied our considerable skill in this area during the app translation, to ensure that the accuracy and high quality of the translation remained consistent at every stage of the project. 

Flexible solutions for complex translation projects

This project ranged from technical translation to video translation to elements of marketing copy translation. Thankfully the Tomedes team is well versed in handling projects of this nature, which span a range of translation expertise. We specialise in delivering bespoke translation services to each client, shaping the service that we provide to best suit the requirements of each job. It’s one of the reasons we’ve enjoyed such success over the past ten years! 

Please contact the Tomedes team to find out more. 

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