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Tomedes helped a client make a positive first impression by translating his business documents from English to German

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English to German business translation

August 14, 2016

A regular client recently approached Tomedes regarding the urgent translation of a number of documents for his business. The English to German translation included posters, brochures and badges, as his company was due to host a networking event in Germany. While the event was to be delivered in English, the client wanted to make a good impression by presenting a range of written materials in German. 

Considerate translation of this nature can to a long way to enhancing business relationships. Offering new contacts documents in their own language is a nice touch, even if business discussions aren’t held in that language. Undertaking the translation shows that you are serious about progressing the relationship with their company and implies a level of respect for those you are dealing with. 

For this client, the translation of his business materials helped to create a positive environment in which to deliver his event. He has asked Tomedes to provide desktop publishing services as part of the translation, so that his posters, brochures and badges all looked just as good in German as they did in the English versions he had created. This is a service that Tomedes is happy to provide for any document, as we understand that typesetting something in a language with which you’re unfamiliar can be a tricky task. 

The quality of the translation was of course important to the client as well. He was looking to convey how efficient and attentive his company is when meeting with his German contacts – and sloppy translation certainly wouldn’t send that message! Thankfully our processes ensure that all translations produced by the Tomedes team are checked for quality before they are sent to the client, meaning that our clients can rely on the accuracy of our translations. 

This client was certainly pleased with the results. His accurate translations were professionally typeset by our skilled team, providing him with everything he needed to hold his event in Germany and create that perfect first impression that he was seeking. 

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