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A client was preparing a marketing flyer for an event in France - we provided the French translation for her.

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English to French marketing flyer translation

April 24, 2019

Being so geographically close together, England and France share many common bonds, including linguistic ones. According to Eurobarometer, some 39% of French people speak English. Across the channel, around 23% of the English speak French. However, speaking a language and being confident enough to write it well enough for business purposes are two different matters – as a recent Tomedes client found out! 

Professional English to French translation

The client was preparing a marketing flyer for an event that she was planning to deliver in France, to promote her new product range. She spoke excellent French and was confident at presenting orally and responding to questions. However, she wanted to be sure that her marketing leaflet was entirely flawless and was worried that her written French was not quite up to standard. As such, she engaged Tomedes to provide French translation services in order to ensure that her flyer was perfect. 

Attentive marketing translation services

Tomedes has worked with marketers around the world to craft perfect translations. We can provide marketing translation services, localization services and transcreation services, depending on each client’s individual needs. In this instance, the client was familiar enough with the culture of her target audience that she was already on top of the localization requirements and explained these to the translator as part of the brief. As such, our French marketing translator was able to quickly get to grips with the task at hand. 

Fast delivery for every translation 

The client was in a hurry to move forward with her translation, so that she could create and send out the French version of her marketing flyer. This was no problem for Tomedes. We pride ourselves on the fast delivery of our translations and offer a special rush translation service for those who are in a desperate hurry. 

In this instance, the client was delighted with the speed of the translation – and with the quality. Her French was good enough that she could appreciate what a superb job the translator had done in creating an accurate marketing translation that perfectly reflected the original leaflet. She was also pleased with the price – a happy customer all round! 

Meeting your translation needs

Whatever you need translated, we are confident that the Tomedes team can help. You can speak to our project managers 24/7 about your requirements and they will find the ideal translator to meet your specific needs, no matter which language or subject specialism you require. Contact us today to find out more. 

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