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A recent Tomedes client needed a translation of a set of court papers from English to French.

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English to French legal translation

May 01, 2019

Accuracy is always important when it comes to professional translation, but there are some disciplines where it takes on even more significance than usual. Legal translation is one such example, as a mistake in a legal paper could have far-reaching consequences. Cases have had to be retried or have even collapsed entirely due to poor quality translations before now. That’s why Tomedes’ focus is on providing outstanding legal translation services each and every time. 

Delivering accurate English to French translation

A recent Tomedes client needed a translation of a set of court papers from English to French. As such, we used a translator with experience of the legal systems in both countries and with a strong background in legal translation into his native French. Our aim is to always use native speakers of the target language, as was the case in this instance. Doing so makes for a higher quality translation for a number of reasons, including the translator’s instinctive grasp of their native tongue and their understanding of idioms, colloquialisms and more. 

Getting legal translation right

With language expertise taken care of, it’s equally important to focus on the subject at hand. For legal translation, it is essential to use a translator who is not only an expert linguist, but who has a firm grasp of legal concepts and terminology in both the original language and the target country. Using translators with relevant experience in this way (as well as appropriate language skills) is a core part of the Tomedes service offering. 

Our professional translator in this case was highly competent at navigating the legal terminology used in both England and France. He applied his expert knowledge to the client’s court papers, resulting in a smooth and prompt translation process. The client was delighted with the resulting translation’s accuracy – as well as with the translation price for the work. 

Fast delivery for translations of all lengths

This particular client was pleased to receive his translation so quickly. Part of Tomedes’ commitment to our clients is to exceed their expectations wherever possible and that includes with a fast turnaround time. And for those clients who are in a super rush, we offer an express translation service for documents of all lengths. 

If you have a translation need, why not try out our rapid translation service for yourself? Our professional translators are waiting to support you, no matter which language pairing or service-specific knowledge you need. Simply call, email or text us to find out how we can help you.  

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