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English to French business marketing translation

November 08, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

Businesses often cross borders when they work across countries that are geographically close to each other. For example, Tomedes recently undertook a translation for a client whose customers came from both England and France. The client was running an event that he wished to advertise in both languages. 

English to French is a commonly requested language pairing and Tomedes has a bank of translators on hand to complete such work. We always try to match the translator’s background with the needs of the client, so for this job our translator, who was based in Paris, had a marketing background and was highly experienced at undertaking business and marketing translation work. 

Although this wasn’t a long job, it did require professional knowledge of the kind of marketing language that works in France, as opposed to that which works in England. Translating the words isn’t enough – the translator has to ensure that the meaning carries across as well. This is why machine translation can’t yet rival the quality that can be achieved by professional human translators. 

This particular client had a short turnaround time, so we translated the document and sent it over to our quality assurance team within 48 hours. They carried out their usual checks to ensure the translation was accurate and of a high standard – this is something we do with every document before it is handed over to the client. 

The final document was sent to the client a short while later. He was thrilled with the quality of the translation and has already made good use of the document in advertising his event in France. 

Whatever your business, marketing or other translation needs may be, Tomedes is here to help. We cover a vast range of language pairings, from widely used global languages to those that are only spoken by a few hundred thousand people. Contact us today for a fast quote. 

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