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English to Cantonese business form translation

August 15, 2018

Professional translation services support businesses all over the world every single day with their cross-border operations. From complex legal negotiations to the simplest of business card translations, professional translators work to ensure that companies can achieve their goals without language being an obstacle. 

The Tomedes translation team is one such body. We work with businesses across the globe to help them deliver on their targets. This includes offering a vast range of language pairings and subject specialisms, which is why we maintain an extensive network of translation professionals to meet our business clients’ needs.

Most recently, Tomedes worked with a client who needed a business form translated from English to Cantonese. Cantonese is spoken mainly by those living in Hong Kong and the Guangdong region of China. For translation into Cantonese, we always seek to use native speakers such as these. Quite simply, it usually makes for superior translation quality. 

This client needed a certified translation, which was of course no problem. The Tomedes team is happy provide a certificate of translation for any document that we translate, to affirm the authenticity of the translation in relation to the original file. 

We delivered the client’s form within 24 hours, as she needed it promptly. Working strictly to clients’ deadlines is another way in which we support businesses to achieve their goals. Those delivering professional products and services don’t have time for missed deadlines!

The client was delighted with the speed of our translation service, as well as with the quality of the translation itself. The price was also more than agreeable to her, making her a very happy customer overall. 

If you have a business translation to take care of, let us help. Our translation professionals are standing by to assist you, no matter which language pairing you may need.

And if you work with words in a range of occupations, why not check out the Tomedes Text Summarizer Tool while you're here? It's free to use and has a range of practical, professional applications. 

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