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A client recently asked Tomedes to undertake a Burmese translation of a marketing presentation on behalf of his company.

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English to Burmese presentation translation

October 31, 2018

Spoken natively by some 32 million people in Burma, Burmese is the fascinating language of the Bamar people. An analytic and tonal language, Burmese is grouped into two classes, with the formal language used for speeches, literary works, official publications and so forth, and the colloquial language used for everyday conversation. 

A client recently asked Tomedes to undertake a Burmese translation on behalf of his company. He was due to deliver a presentation to a group of colleagues whose first language was Burmese. While he would be delivering the presentation in English, he wanted to present the slides in Burmese, to aid the understanding of all those present. 

The Tomedes team were most happy to help. After discussing the client’s needs via our webchat service, we got straight to work. Our Burmese marketing translator got to grips with the presentation at once, converting the text from English into flawless Burmese. 

At the client’s request, our desktop publishing team also sprang into action. They used the translated copy to replicate the original presentation in Burmese, including the charts and other graphics that the client had scattered throughout the document. They worked closely with the translator to ensure that the information was localized sufficiently for the target audience, particularly in relation to the measurements shown on some of the graphs. 

The client was delighted with the result – a comprehensive and beautifully presented document that he could feel proud to display while giving his presentation to his Burmese colleagues. 

Tomedes works closely with clients in order to deliver exceptional results like this. We understand that a high quality translation can give a client confidence when it’s needed most – in this case, it gave the client the assurance he needed to deliver a successful presentation about which he had been feeling nervous. 

If you would like to use our translation service to help meet your business goals, simply contact the Tomedes team today and let us know what you need. 

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