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Tomedes has been stepping up to provide coronavirus-related translations in multiple languages. Today's job? Medical app translation and localization!

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Coronavirus: Medical App Localization into Multiple Languages

April 14, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic continues to place pressure on individuals and resources around the world, as entire countries shift the way they go about daily life in order that people can stay socially distant from one another. 

Many businesses are rising to the challenge of delivering their services safely in this strange new world, including the team here at Tomedes. We’ve set up a Crisis Communication Center in order to help our clients through these troubling times. 

One thing we have noticed is an increase in requests for medical translation, from certified healthcare translations to medical software localization. Most recently, a client asked us to translate his medical app and accompanying safety leaflet from English to multiple languages. 


Medical Software Localization

The client’s request for multiple languages meant that we needed several translators to get to work on his mobile app translation at once. Tomedes has spent the past 13 years building up a network of professional translators that extends around the globe, so we were ideally positioned to meet the client’s needs quickly. 

The client needed his app translation and coronavirus safety leaflet translation delivered in six languages:

• English to French

• English to Spanish

• English to Italian

• English to Korean

• English to Chinese

• English to German

We wasted on time in sourcing qualified and experienced medical translators for each of these language pairings. As the client needed medical software localization services as well as medical translation, we ensured that each translator also had medical app localization experience. 

If you’re not familiar with software localization, it’s essentially the process of adjusting a translation to better suit the needs of the intended audience, without taking away from the original meaning and purpose of the software.

App localization is incredibly important when it comes to medical software. The target language version has to deliver every element in the format expected by its new audience – hence our requirement that each of our translation and localization experts have significant experience in this field. 


Medical Document Translation Services

In addition to the app translation work for this client, we also undertook the translation of his safety leaflet. This is another area in which Tomedes has plenty of experience. We have been providing medical document translation services for clients around the globe for well over a decade. 

Medical document translation requires immense accuracy. Only high-quality human translation will suffice – machine translation simply isn’t reliable enough.


Leaflet/Manual Translation

The client’s leaflet really amounted to a small manual, given its extensive content. The detailed medical safety focus meant that careful translation was essential. Thankfully, our team of translators has been tried and tested over the years; we only ever match our language professionals with jobs that they have the skill and finesse to handle. 

Our medical translator team worked diligently to deliver the six languages that the client required in one hit. As with every translation job that we handle, a dedicated Tomedes account manager oversaw the translation process, acting as a liaison with each of the translators while ensuring that the client had a convenient single point of contact. 

The leaflet/manual translation focused on safety matters and called for medical equipment localization expertise. Specialist skills are required for this kind of medical document translation, as the translators involved must have an outstanding degree of medical knowledge in not one but two languages. 

You can read a further example of our detailed and accurate healthcare translation work by clicking the link below. 

Read more: Coronavirus Medical Translation and Video Subtitling


Certified Healthcare Translations

It takes a great deal of translation skill and knowledge to become a certified medical translator, and for good reason. Mistranslations in this field could have devastating consequences. That’s why we work with qualified professionals when delivering healthcare translations to our clients. 

In this instance, the client’s document translation went hand in hand with his software translation, meaning that our translators were able to provide a superb degree of consistency across the two items. 


Network of Professional Translators

One of the reasons that we were able to respond to this client’s multi-language medical translation request so quickly was the years of work that have gone into building up and maintaining our network for professional translators. 

We understand that document translation (along with video translation, software translation and all other forms of language conversion!) requires the application of sector-specific expertise as well as linguistic skill. That’s why we have placed such emphasis on building up this network of skilled language professionals. Doing so means that we can pair each client’s job with the translation and localization services that it needs. 

If you are in need of translation services, the Tomedes team is here to help. We provide a huge range of sector-specific expertise as well as language pairings that enable our clients to connect with new audiences around the world. Contact our helpful team today to find out how we can support your business through the coronavirus pandemic. 

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