Tomedes Protects Global R&D and Operations with Comprehensive Legal Translation

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Tomedes Protects Global R&D and Operations with Comprehensive Legal Translation

August 29, 2023

The U.S. manufacturing sector contributes 11% to the GDP and employs around 12 million workers in the country. The technology sector, on the other hand, adds about 8% to the GDP and similarly employs around 12 million people. The tech sector also dominates R&D in the US, funding approximately 40% of all business-related research. The U.S. remains to be a top player in the technology and manufacturing sector, second only to China as a global producer of manufactured goods. With this in mind, there is no doubt that developments made in the U.S are not only impactful within their borders, but to the entire globe as well.

Our Clients

While it is easy to categorize a company based on the main service/product they offer, all companies that have any sort of relationship with science would eventually need to collaborate with entities in the tech and manufacturing industry. Such is the case for two of our more recent clients.

Our 1st client is a leading player in their country's private electricity sector. Beyond electricity provision their core commitment revolves around championing energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and optimizing energy use. They offer an extensive energy package, encompassing everything from gas to water, all powered by natural gas. Their advanced technological adoption ensures clients are at the forefront of energy efficiency. With a zero initial setup cost and a focus on cost savings, their methodology incorporates cogeneration for optimum efficiency. Adherence to environmental standards and stakeholder relationship management are essential in their operations.

As for our 2nd client, their company is a global authority in high-volume precision automation, specializing in metrology, inspection, and assembly solutions. Their ethos centers around fostering durable business alliances and valuing both internal staff and external collaborators. Committed to corporate responsibility, they undertake significant measures to improve their operations' social and environmental impacts. Their expertise lies in delivering ultra-precise custom solutions and advanced measurement systems. They recently became part of a renowned global engineering conglomerate, expanding their reach and offerings across multiple continents.

From our on-going collaborations with these clients, we’ve seen several similarities with their legal translation needs. We’ve come to realize that in our globalized economy, legal document translation proves to be especially important regardless if a company operates within their geographical borders or internationally.

The Challenge

Language challenges for these clients arise from their specialized domains and global operations. Technical jargons inherent to their respective niches demand meticulous translation to ensure clarity and precision. Misinterpretations can result in operational errors and even legal disputes. Furthermore, through multilingual collaborations, these companies encounter more complex legal procedures. Cultural nuances, legal terminologies, and regional dialects are the main contributors to these complexities. As they engage with global partners, potential miscommunication becomes more likely. This further emphasized the need for legal translations that are accurate and comprehensive.

What are the more recent kinds of documents we’ve translated for these clients?

Internal Agreements for Employment and Partnerships: These documents ensure both clients maintain clarity in roles, safeguard intellectual property, and nurture trust in their professional relationships, vital for their specialized operations.

Official Business Reports: For our client in the electricity-sector, these validate adherence to environmental standards. For our client in automation, these showcase their precision expertise and global collaborations, underpinning corporate responsibility.

Job Listings: Working within multilingual communities has perhaps urged our clients to satisfy the need to have multilingual job listings.

Securing a translator adept in both legal processes and technical knowledge is challenging due to how highly specialized the practice is. Grasping intricate jargons from both fields, staying updated with evolving terminologies, understanding cultural nuances, and ensuring zero-error translations heighten the complexity. Mistakes risk severe legal and operational repercussions.

Why Tomedes?

Legal translation providers should be able to address the intricate technical language translation needs of clients as well. At Tomedes, we make sure that we can cater to technology-driven companies. Our services range from translation of software to translation of contracts, and any need that may come in between. Our robust roster of expert translators are equipped with the best tools in the market, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for whatever translation needs that could arise.

What values do we bring to the table?

We support popular and niche languages: This ensures that both clients, regardless of the geographical region of operation or partnership, can effectively communicate and understand all legal nuances, critical for global endeavors.

We employ native legal translators: Native translators guarantee accuracy in conveying the subtleties and intricacies of legal terms. For the clients, this precision ensures compliance, avoids misinterpretations, and maintains their industry leadership.

We provide a comprehensive legal translation support:  This holistic approach assures clients that every facet of their operations, from contracts to product manuals, adheres to local and international regulations, safeguarding their reputation and facilitating seamless global operations.

We are able to provide tailored solutions to our clients because we have the ability to understand industry-specific contexts. Our  professional legal translation plays a pivotal role in assisting corporations to navigate the global legal landscape seamlessly.

The Result

Through our services, our clients are allowed to overcome linguistic barriers – ensuring clarity and potency in their international endeavors. This collaboration not only safeguarded their global reputations but also catalyzed their business growth. Bridging language gaps, the partnership amplified their reach, making their services and products accessible and comprehensible to a broader global audience. Furthermore, our client can proceed with their operations knowing that their technological breakthroughs are legally safeguarded.


Tomedes has been pivotal in enhancing the global communication of many notable clients in various niches. As industries expand, accurate professional translation becomes even more indispensable. Choose Tomedes for expert translation services, ensuring your business resonates globally with accuracy and clarity. Connect with us and let's conquer linguistic challenges together.


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