Chuukese to English legal translation

A regular client recently asked Tomedes for a legal translation from Chuukese to English to help with his business. We were delighted to help.

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Chuukese to English legal translation

August 13, 2017

Also known as Trukese, Chuukese is spoken by the inhabitants of the Chuuk island state in Micronesia. It has some 45,000 speakers in total, including those who speak it as a second language as well as native speakers. 

A regular client recently asked Tomedes for a legal translation to help with his business. We were delighted to be able to help. We provide legal translators for languages spoken around the world, including Chuukese. In fact, we maintain a network of over 5,000 professional translators in order to cover a wide range of language pairings. 

For this client’s Chuukese translation, we used our leading Chuukese to English translator based in Brisbane. This was because the client was seeking translation into Australian English. We always try to use native speakers of the target language in this way, as we find it leads to a higher standard of translation. It’s one of the principles that our translation company uses to ensure we provide top quality translations, every time. 

As the client needed his legal document in a hurry, he asked to use our urgent translation service. This service allows clients to receive their translations in record time, without compromising on quality, so is perfect for those in a hurry. 

Even accounting for the express translation service that the client required, he was delighted with the overall translation price for this job. At Tomedes we always seek to offer the perfect mixture of great service and value for money – and in this instance it was very much appreciated! The client will be back in touch as soon as he has another document that needs to be translated. 

If you have a business document that needs translating, Tomedes can help. Our professional translators cover a huge range of language pairings and have experience in multiple business sectors. Use our online instant quote service today to get an indicative translation cost or contact us for further details. 

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