Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation: Enhancing Communication in Education

Tomedes provides Chinese simultaneous interpretation services, ensuring seamless communication and enhancing participant engagement. Our expert Chinese interpreters are experienced in providing high-quality interpretations for the academic and educational sectors. In this project, we demonstrate our expertise in English to Chinese interpretations.

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Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation

March 19, 2024

The demand for expert simultaneous interpretation services is on the rise. Schools and institutions are increasingly hosting multicultural and multilingual meetings, necessitating accurate and real-time communication solutions. Especially in educational settings, where understanding each nuance is crucial, the role of simultaneous interpretation cannot be overstated.

In this project, we display our expertise in Chinese simultaneous interpretation to ensure that all participants in the educational dialogue and seminar can effectively communicate with each other and increase engagement. 

Our Client

Our client is an international academic institution that's well-known for providing education to international students and those coming from immigrant backgrounds. This private institution educates a broad spectrum of students from across different year levels, from nursery up to college level.

We have worked with them on previous interpretation projects. They sought to work with us because we can accommodate remote and on-site Chinese simultaneous interpretations for their event.

The Project

The project is for an on-site and remote event wherein the parents and students who cannot attend the seminar can still participate in the event from home via Zoom. The dialogue and seminar will be about the ongoing projects for the upcoming school year, academic research conducted, and open dialogue between the students, parents, and faculty to share insights and collaborate strategies to ensure students receive the best quality education. They will need interpretation for a 4-hour event.

Because this particular event was for their large Chinese immigrant population, they needed to work with simultaneous interpretation services from English to Chinese and vice-versa that could accommodate on-site and remote interpretations. Since we had previous interpretation projects, they knew they could trust Tomedes to provide them with reliable and knowledgeable Chinese interpreters.

Streamlining Communication with Chinese Interpretation

The Migration Policy reported that in the US, 57% of Chinese immigrants from the ages five and above are considered to have limited English proficiency. Because of this, there has been an increasing demand for interpretation services from English to Chinese and vice-versa.

The rise of virtual event tools has led to zoom interpretations becoming vital in making sure information becomes more accessible and increases participant engagement. For this reason, our client decided to offer remote and on-site interpretations to make it more convenient for the students and parents to participate in this event.

Remote and on-site interpreting for the educational sector requires Chinese interpreters to have a nuanced understanding of the language pairs and the educational terminologies used to ensure that the conversation flows seamlessly. As for the virtual side of the event, it required them to also be tech savvy in navigating the different tools that will be used to ensure that their interpretation doesn't disrupt or hinder the seminar and open dialogue between the participants and the host. 

The Challenges

Even though this project would only occur within 4 hours, we still encountered some issues in providing Chinese simultaneous interpretations for our client. In this section, we will explore the three major challenges that we encountered below:

Real-Time Accuracy: We delivered precise interpretations without losing detailed information, which is critical in educational discussions where every word matters. Through our broad network of international interpreters, we were able to find the right Chinese interpreters for the event and have a background in interpreting for the educational sector. This ensured that the interpretations were precise and accurate, preventing any miscommunications.

Dynamic Discussions: Adapting to the fluid nature of live conversations and varying speaking speeds was crucial to maintaining the meeting's pace and ensuring all participants could follow and contribute. Our native Chinese interpreters have undergone years of experience handling simultaneous interpretations, ensuring that they can keep up with the pace of the interactions between the hosts and the participants.

Technical Reliability: Ensuring seamless integration with Zoom and maintaining consistent technical performance was essential to avoid distractions and keep the focus on the meeting's content. To ensure that there would be minimal issues throughout the program, our team facilitated our client and interpreters, acting as support when a technical issue arose and the bridge between the client and the remote Chinese interpreter.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is trusted by thousands of academic and educational institutions worldwide because we are the best in providing interpretation services for Chinese, English, and other languages. Below are some of the other reasons why many companies and organization entrust their Chinese simultaneous interpretations to us:

Specialized Expertise: Our Chinese interpreters are not only language experts but also have a deep understanding of educational content and the specific nuances of the Mandarin language.

Proven Track Record: We have a solid history of providing high-quality simultaneous interpretation for virtual meetings, ensuring clear communication and effective engagement.

Technological Proficiency: Our commitment to employing advanced technology guarantees that our interpretation services are smooth, uninterrupted, and integrated seamlessly with digital platforms like Zoom.

The Result

Throughout the four-hour event, our team was able to implement simultaneous interpretation services both on-site and remote, ensuring that the faculty, parents, and students could effectively communicate and interact with each other. Parents were more engaged, and the discussions were more productive, leading to a clearer understanding of student progress and concerns.

Based on what our client has stated in our emails, the success of the event has fostered a stronger sense of community and collaboration between parents, students, and educators, enhancing the overall educational experience for the student's academic life on campus.


Overcoming language barriers through professional simultaneous interpretation is imperative for inclusivity and effectiveness. This demonstrated in this project the crucial role of Chinese interpreters in ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the event. It also underscores how interpretation is critical to creating an environment where every voice is heard, especially here as the seminar and open dialogue centered around the welfare of the students.

If you're planning to host an event and need a professional in Chinese simultaneous interpretation, you can contact us at Tomedes, and we will assist you right away.

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