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Tomedes translates marketing materials from Chinese to English and vice-versa such as promotional emails, product brochures and presentations. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Chinese marketing translation. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Chinese to English Translation of Marketing Materials

August 11, 2020

Last Updated on December 06, 2022

Chinese Marketing translation jobs can take many forms, from promotional emails and fliers for events to brochures and presentations for entire product lines. Many clients also want website localization services as part of their marketing translation requirements. Most recently, Tomedes worked with a new client who needed Chinese marketing translation services to help deliver her corporate growth strategy. 

The Chinese Marketing Translation Process

Have you ever used a marketing translation service from Chinese to English? In case you haven’t, we’ll run through what’s involved, to give you an idea of how we’ll approach your marketing translation. 

In this case study, we’re focusing on our Chinese translation services, as the client needed Chinese to English marketing translation, but marketing jobs like this can be required for any language pairing. 

We’re also discussing translating a marketing brochure and company website, but again the translation process can be applied to any marketing materials. 

Project Management

Marketing isn’t an isolated activity. It ties in with a company’s operations in multiple, often complex ways, from impacting demand for product types and quantities to supporting the delivery of growth strategies. 

This means that Chinese marketing translation services require careful project management. The client will no doubt have an overarching marketing strategy and it is important for the translation agency to work in parallel with that strategy, rather than in isolation. 

Doing so requires a project management approach from the translation agency, with a dedicated account manager who can get to know the client’s business and motivations, in order to feed into the success of their overall strategy. 

In the case of our most recent Chinese marketing translation client, that meant understanding her corporate growth strategy and the market that she was pursuing opportunities in, namely: the UK. 

Knowing the target audience is key to the success of every translation but particularly so when it comes to marketing translation services. After all, a marketing document – be it an email or a website – is only likely to succeed when it takes into account the cultural quirks of those it is aimed at. 

Getting in Touch with an Expert Chinese Marketing Translator

Understanding the target audience and what works in terms of marketing language and imagery is a skilled art. That’s why using expert translators is an essential part of the process. 

Translation is about far more than language. Yes, language is important, and translators must certainly be skilled linguists. But they must also be subject matter specialists. This means that translators must be experts in the kind of emotive language and images that will resonate with the audiences for whom they translate. 

For this client’s job, that meant using a translation and localization expert who was familiar with both Chinese culture and that of the UK, as well as both languages. 

Chinese Marketing Translation

Translation experts understand the importance of really connecting with the target audience. That’s what Chinese marketing translations are all about. Sometimes, that means providing a literal translation of the document in question, but more often it means localizing the copy as well. 

Localization means shaping the copy to suit a particular audience – in this case ensuring that the client’s brochure and website were targeted specifically at potential customers in the UK. 

Our account manager discussed localization in depth with the client before the job began. She also talked to the client about transcreation, which involves a more significant overhaul of marketing materials, essentially delivering the same messages and evoking the same emotional response in the target audience, but through very different materials. 

In this case, we worked with the client to provide translation and localization services for her marketing materials, rather than transcreation, as she decided that the latter would be a step too far (with which we agreed). 

Our translator then set to work, carefully converting the client’s product brochure from Mandarin to English and expertly localizing the copy, before doing the same with her website. 

Website localization is, we should note, a particularly technical translation task, so requires a native speaking translator with extensive experience of that particular kind of work. 

Service Delivered

With the marketing materials translation from Chinese to English complete, it’s almost time to hand it over to the client. However, the final step before delivering the translation is the proofreading. This is a chance for any typos to be caught and ironed out of the final translation before it is given to the client. It is a task that the translator herself sometimes undertakes or that can be undertaken by a fellow professional. 

Chinese to English Marketing Translations – Quality Guaranteed

The proofreading of translated Chinese marketing materials is the final step of the process, but it’s not the only way that a translation company can guarantee the quality of its work. In fact, there are a number of ways that translation agencies can guarantee the quality of their work. 

Here at Tomedes, our first quality assurance step is to ensure that we work with the right translators. We work with experienced linguists and pair their skills with the jobs at hand, so that marketing translators are working on marketing documents, legal experts on legal documents and so forth. 

We also use native speakers of the target language for each of our translations. So for this client’s marketing translation, that meant using a native UK English speaker. Maintaining this commitment is an important quality assurance step. 

Another way that we guarantee the quality of our translations is to avoid using translations from a machine. Our translators use computer assisted translation tools, as is standard across much of the translation industry, as they drive up translation speed, efficiency and accuracy. What they don’t do is use computerized translations that forfeit accuracy (and sometimes sense entirely!) for the sake of speed. 

We are so confident of the quality of our translations and that our clients will be satisfied with them that we provide a one-year guarantee with each translation we deliver. 

Network of Chinese Translators – Marketing Experts

The other way in which we ensure quality is to maintain a network of expert translators around the globe. This means that we can call on talented linguists with relevant skills each time a new client approaches us. 

In this client’s case, for example, we needed a Mandarin Chinese to UK English translator with experience of both marketing translation and website localization. By using our network, we were able to connect with the ideal translator swiftly and easily, losing no time in getting on with meeting the client’s requirements.

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