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A recent Tomedes client needed us to translate her marriage certificate from Spanish to English

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Certified Spanish to English marriage certificate translation

August 07, 2019

If you’re planning to live or work overseas and don’t speak the language of the country natively, it’s likely that the need to use a decent translation company will crop up at some point. Even if you do speak the language well, it’s likely that you will still need a translation service at some point in order to present your official documents to the local authorities in their native tongue. 

Speedy Spanish translation  

This was the case with a recent Tomedes client. While she spoke excellent English, she still needed to use a translation company when she was asked to produce and English-language version of her marriage certificate. Naturally, Tomedes was happy to help. 

Our professional Spanish translators work quickly and accurately in order to recreate documents in numerous other languages. In fact, Spanish translation is one of our most sought-after services. In this case, the target language was English, so we assigned our leading Spanish translator, based in Los Angeles, to undertake the work. We opted for a US-based translator as the client needed a US English translation and we always ensure we pair our translators closely with the required dialect. We find that doing so results in higher quality translations. 

Certified certificate translation

Many clients who need certificates translated ask for them to be certified. This enables them to prove the authenticity of the translation to anyone official who might ask for evidence of it. A certificate of translation is therefore available for all birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, as well as for a wide range of other documents. 

Tomedes’ certificate translation service is rapid and professional, and our translators are undaunted by even the messiest hand-written documents! 

Express translation for those in a hurry

We always seek to translate certificates quickly, but for clients who are in urgent need, we offer an express translation service that means they can receive their translation even faster. 

This rush translation service is available to business translation clients, as well as those with personal papers to translate. We appreciate that unexpected deadline changes or, in some cases, just the sheer volume of work can mean that there aren’t enough hours in the day for our business customers. As such, we’re here to translate what you need, when you need it – and even when the timescales are really tight, we never compromise on quality. 

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