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Tomedes recently undertook a translation of several detailed financial documents from Bahasa Indonesian to English.

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Bahasa Indonesian to English financial translation

September 09, 2018

Financial translation involves not just speaking two languages fluently, but also being good with numbers. After all, translating beautifully but muddling up the numbers in a document simply won’t suffice! Here at Tomedes we have spent years building a network of professional translators who have a broad range of experience, including highly skilled financial translation experts. 

One of our top financial translators was able to put his skills to good use recently, when we undertook a translation of several detailed financial documents from Bahasa Indonesian to English. We regularly undertake Bahasa translation of this nature. With nearly 240 million speakers in Indonesia, there is considerable demand for translations both into and out of Bahasa. 

In this instance, the client approached us through the live chat service on our website. He had used our online quote and been pleased with the translation price, so wanted to speak to someone about undertaking his financial translation. After our friendly team had discussed the job with him, they assigned it to the above-mentioned translator, who got straight to work. 

His financial skills served him well, as did his superb Bahasa language skills. He completed the work in record time, producing an accurate financial translation that the client was delighted with. 

For all of your translation needs, from website translation to complex financial documents, it’s worth speaking to the Tomedes team. Our translators and localization experts cover a huge range of industries and specialisms, meaning that you can relax, knowing your translation is in safe hands. 

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