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Legal translations are extremely important to complete with the utmost of accuracy, and at Tomedes we�'re proud to have a large number of legal firms

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An accurate English to Spanish legal document translation

June 04, 2015

Legal translations are extremely important to complete with the utmost of accuracy, and at Tomedes we’re proud to have a large number of valued legal clients who have come to trust and rely on our professional translators’ accuracy and attention to detail when providing legal document translations.

For example, a short while ago we were contacted by a client form Arizona, U.S., who wanted to have a Latin American Spanish translation of an English legal document. The document was intended to be sent to our customer’s client, and it explained what would be happening with her legal care and the law firm our customer represented moving forward.

Whilst this wasn’t a particularly long or challenging translation to accomplish, overlooking a small detail had the potential to misinform our customer’s client. The translator assigned to this document translation had degree in law himself, which enabled him to understand the ramifications of even a minor miscommunication. Thankfully, our translator is a proven professional, and ensures that all of his translations are accurate and delivered to an exceptional standard. At Tomedes, we only work with the most professional and experienced translators, delivering an outstanding service to our customers. 

The translator completed the document translation and returned it to the client within 24 hours – a quick turnaround of the sort that our customer has come to rely on. The customer thanked our translator for his attention to detail and fast response, and looked forward to sending the legal letter to her client with confidence. 

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