English to Tibetan video translation

A recent client asked Tomedes for a video translation service, to convert her video from English to Tibetan.

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English to Tibetan video translation

June 10, 2018

Providing a professional translation service makes for an interesting working life, as no two days are ever the same. That’s why Tomedes maintains a global network of professional translators, covering an impressive range of language pairings and subject specialisations. This allows us to respond quickly and positively to an extremely diverse range of translation requests. 

A recent client, for example, asked us for a video translation service, to convert her video from English to Tibetan. We were delighted to be able to help. 

Tibetan speakers can be found in several Central Asian areas, as well as in Northern India. There are nearly six million Tibetan speakers in total. The client wanted translation into Standard Tibetan, so we ensured that we paired the perfect Tibetan translator with her project. 

Video translation is an increasingly sought after service, as more and more companies turn to video to promote their brands and products. This means that delivering video in multiple languages is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a core part of many companies’ development strategies. This is why Tomedes has built up a bank of video translation experts around the world. 

In this instance, the client required transcription, time syncing, translation and subtitling of her video. She also engaged our localization service to ensure that the content of the video – including the imagery – was suitable for Tibetan viewers and would not cause any unintended offence (or humour). 

The client was after fast results, so used Tomedes’ urgent translation service. This meant that her translation was undertaken in plenty of time for her deadline, and all at an excellent price, resulting in another very happy Tomedes customer. 

For all of your business translation needs, from videos to marketing documents, the Tomedes team can help. Contact us today for an instant quote and a discussion of how we can make translation work best for your company.

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