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A Tomedes client needed documents translated from English to Korean in order to share the educational courses she had developed with new audiences.

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Professional educational translation

June 06, 2018

One of the many fantastic gifts of professional translation is the way that it can enable knowledge-sharing around the world. From details of medical procedures to new ways of educating our children, sharing knowledge through translation can bring tangible benefits that help to make our world a better place. 

A recent Tomedes client was an example of this. She needed a series of documents translated from English to Korean in order to share the educational courses she had developed with new audiences. She also had a small batch of marketing materials that she needed translated to help advertise the availability of the courses. With translators on hand with a wide range of expertise – including education translation and marketing translation – Tomedes was more than happy to help. 

Our leading Korean translator had just finished another job, so was available to start work immediately on this client’s documents. At the client’s request, he worked on the marketing materials first, so that she could start promoting her courses and taking reservations as soon as possible. He then worked his way methodically through the course materials, ensuring that each document was translated into flawless Korean. We communicated with the client regularly throughout the job, so that she was kept up to date with progress. 

The result was a very happy client. She was delighted with the value for money provided by the Tomedes translation service, as well as with the high quality of the translations that we provided. Our translation company has enabled her to take forward her dream of sharing knowledge around the world. 

Whether you have a business translation need or a personal document that you would like translated, Tomedes can help. Our professional, human translation services are available for a huge range of language pairings. You can get an instant quote on our website or contact us for further details. 

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