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We offer electronic products translation services for a wide range of fields and needs. With Tomedes, you can count on dedicated and native linguists, cost-efficient prices, and absolute accuracy every single time.

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The Need for Translations within the Electronics Industry

Electronic products of all kinds require good, quality translations by a reputed translation company in order to successfully expand their place on the market. By translating their products, companies can ensure their amplified utilization as well as a boost in sales and general commercial value.



Achieve international recognition for your brand with Tomedes’ electronic products translation services




The very best way for companies to reach a larger user base and expand their brand is through translation services of their electric products. We work with innovative linguists who are experts in the electrical field to guarantee terminological accuracy for interfaces, manuals, software, packaging, or any type of product need.

The All-in-One Electronics Translation Solution for Your Company

Tomedes relies on a blend of technology and human expertise to provide consistent and accurate terminology for all our electronic products translation services. This includes consistently updated glossaries, comprehensive translation memories, and terminological checks from professionals in the field.

Professional and Expert Translators

Our network of linguists ensure professional and quality translation services for your electronics products. As native translators and experts in the domain, they guarantee complete  understanding of the content’s intricacies as well as knowledge regarding the expectations of your target audience.

Clutch Top Global Translation Services 2021

Our commitment to exceptional translation services includes providing your company with a top-notch translation of your electronic products. To do so, we guide you every step of the way and are at your disposal 24/7 for any after-service demand.

Trustworthy Project Management

At Tomedes, it is important you feel supported all throughout the translation process. Our incredible team of project managers oversee the electronics translation for your company to guarantee that every last detail corresponds to your demands.

Accurate Translations in More than 120 Languages

Companies from all around the world can depend on Tomedes for expert electronic product translations. We offer more than 120 languages so you always have the exact communication solution required for your targeted market.

Technology Tools Used to Verify Pertinent Language

For all your electrical product translations, Tomedes relies on sophisticated technology to guarantee exactitude every time. We use reliable translation memories, specific industry glossaries, and a mixture of tools in computational linguistics to check that the terminology matches your discipline.

For Any Type of Electronics Translation, You Can Count on Tomedes

The domain of electronics is interwoven with a variety of fields, making its translation in need of relevant cross-industry experience. We at Tomedes blend our plethora of industry expertise to provide top-notch translations that are always on the mark. Not only do we ensure compliance with regulatory measures for every country, but we keenly observe the linguistic particularities of your target audience to make sure that our language solutions are technically and culturally accurate. This entails a great amount of attention to detail and astute research from our specialists around the world. At Tomedes, every word, every number, every comma is checked and then double checked by our committed team so you can be sure your translation is a perfect fit. Some of the industries that benefit from Tomedes’ cross knowledge with electronics include:


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Electronic Products Translation Services Global Companies Have Come to Depend on

Years of experience delivering exceptional translations have made Tomedes a trusted partner for a wealth of companies. Our electronic products translation services apply our knowledge of the domain to the language and cultural context you need.

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