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Our game localization services ensure your video games are engaging for your local audiences. We guarantee high quality video game localization services with guaranteed on-time delivery and 24/7 support.

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95,000 clients have entrusted Tomedes with their business. These include private individuals, small to medium businesses, and the largest corporations, leading brands, national and local governments. But most importantly: we're here for you. Right now.

Our Game Localization Services help brands and organizations achieve their global objectives. We provide scalable and guaranteed solutions that are delivered on-time by our team of experts.


Epic Game Localization Services for Outstanding Games


Tomedes game localization services extends the marketing reach of your amazing video games so they are downloaded and played in more markets and attract a bigger audience all over the world. We provide complete game translation services as well as adaption of formatting, measurement and currency units.

Why You Need Game Localization Services

You probably already know the big benefits of professional video game localization services, but let’s consider some of the main advantages of supporting additional languages and locales.


Increase Engagement and Win the Game


If the language of your game – voices, titles, descriptions, documentation, website – is “spot on” for a local audience, they are much more likely to buy it, play it, and purchase in-game add-ons. High quality game localization and translation prove to be key factors in engagement, attracting additional players, and generating foreign sales revenue.

Agile Deployment of Game Localization Services


When you partner with Tomedes for video game localization services, you’re tapping into more than a decade of extensive experience in translating and localizing games using agile processes and programming methods. Our technical experts will speak the same language as yours to facilitate rapid game development and fast delivery for new locales.

Localize towards a More Immersive In-Game Experience


Those who know and love games recognize that a successful game immerses players in the action and makes them lose track of time. Professional video game localization makes a huge difference in facilitating this experience so that language is not a distraction but an accelerant for the play and in-game purchases.


State of the Art Game Localization Services


7 Step Localization Quality Assurance

Professional game localization follows a seven-step method from start to finish, and Tomedes follows and executes this methodical process to assure total quality.


UI Content Extraction


Linguistic and Functionality Quality Check


Project Management


Localization Engineering


Source Validation


QA and Linguistic QA


Localization Testing


Game Localization Services by Localization Experts

With Tomedes’ video game localization services, you are assured that the critical translation component of localizing a game is executed by native speakers of the target language, ensure that audio, titles, descriptions, and documentation are accurate and ring true to local players.


Dedicated Project Management

With Tomedes’ video game localization services, you are assured that the critical translation component of localizing a game is executed by native speakers of the target language, ensure that audio, titles, descriptions, and documentation are accurate and ring true to local players.


Localization in every File Format

Tomedes has deep experience with video game localization services, and our technical experts can handle virtually every file format in use, starting from HTML and PHP pages and extending to diverse image and video files. We work with any of these supported file formats.


Video Game Localization Services for Every Genre


Our Tomedes game localization services are managed and provided by a massive network of game localization experts in diverse native languages and for video games in every genre and specialization. From action-adventure to strategy games, to virtual reality and science fiction games, we are your partner in translation and localization, from start to finish.


Looking for Experts in Game Localization Services?

If you would like expert help in your next game localization project, contact Tomedes and tell us about your game and its target audiences. We’ll respond ASAP.


Localize your Game into Over 100 Languages

Tomedes provides game localization services with support for more than 100 languages and 1000+ language pairs. We guarantee that expert linguists with mother tongue fluency in your target languages will ensure that all the language of your localization package rings true and natural to your local audiences so that you can maximize engagement, grow your user base, and steadily increase revenue from your product worldwide.

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