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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requires many documents as a condition for approving work, study and citizenship in the USA. Translations of all foreign language documents must be certified as compliant with USCIS standards. Tomedes stands behind the quality of its USCIS translation services with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Our immigrant translation services are trusted by the USCIS. We are ISO-certified to provide USCIS document translation and USCIS certified translation services, and we provide certification of translations upon request. Whatever you aspire to be, we can help you in your journey.

Broaden your horizons with aim. Our USCIS translation services will solve your problems when it comes to applications that are not in your language. USCIS translations will provide global solutions to your work, study, and immigration problems.

Translations From Any Language Into English

Tomedes commands a global network of tens of thousands of translators, and Tomedes translators are required to have certifications, necessary experience, and a certain level attained in linguistic expertise. Commonly supported languages are:


Portuguese is the first or second language of most Boston residents, with about a million residents speaking Portuguese in Boston, a new study shows. If you need Portuguese to English translation, or a second language, choose from over 128 languages and 950+ language pairs.



After Portuguese, Spanish is the most common non-English language spoken in Boston, Massachusetts. 9.41% of the overall population of Massachusetts are native Spanish speakers. If you're looking to connect with this demographic, you may have to find the best translation services for this endeavor. So why not contact Tomedes?



There are 18,784 Russian-born residents in Boston, Massachusetts. That makes Russian one of the more major minority languages. If you're seriously considering entering a Russian speaking market, you may get lost in translation. Find your way with Tomedes at the helm.



Boston boasts of a huge Chinese population of 25,921 Chinese residents. Reaching the Chinese demographic with English to Chinese could boost your business, with Chinese being a major business language worldwide. Tomedes is equipped with simplified and traditional Chinese variants so contact us today.



Another major business language, French is spoken by approximately 275 million people worldwide and is a popular language of Boston, MA, as well. To truly succeed in a French translation, translators must be versed in more than two languages, with French as a native language. Tomedes translators do just that.



There are 422 million speakers of Arabic in the world and about 200,000 in Massachusetts. Translating from Arabic to English and English to Arabic, or any other major language paired Arabic can make it easier for you to reach new international markets.


Didn't See Your Language?

If your language isn't on the list, not to worry--there are over 120 languages to choose from. You're assured of other languages such as German, Hindi, and Italian. Here's the list for more options. We are not only known for our popular languages, but also support rare languages.


Common Documents Needed To Be Translated For The USCIS


Birth certificate

You can entrust us to translate your birth certificates with accuracy and precision, no matter where you were born and where you want to travel.


Marriage certificat

Marriages should be easy. So is the marriage certificate translation for the USCIS with Tomedes.



Divorces can work out, with Tomedes USCIS certified translation services.


Police Confirmation

Translation companies like Tomedes could be a way to obtain police clearances, even for those who have limited English proficiency.


Academic Documents

Academic documents, for professional and academic applications, can be translated to make sure all your current achievements don't get lost in translation.


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