How to Build a Collection of Testimonials You Can Be Proud Of

November 27, 2014
How to Build a Collection of Testimonials You Can Be Proud Of

Having a good reputation from past clients is very important if you want to secure more contracts, and testimonials of your previous translations should be an essential component of your marketing material. 

This post will outline eight different questions that you can ask clients once a translation has been completed and they’ve agreed to provide a testimonial about your service. Of course, you shouldn’t ask one client all eight questions at once (this will be overwhelming for them!), but asking a few of the following directed questions will provide some great quotes that you can use in your promotional copy.

1. “What did you like about my service, specifically?”

This question will allow your client to hone in on what they perceived to be the most important aspect of your service. Your client’s answer will provide you with a unique comment for use in your promotional material.

2. “Can you comment on my punctuality?”

Delivering content on time is a very important competency that prospective clients will be looking for in their translator. If you can get your client to give you some positive comments regarding your punctuality, this will ease the minds of clients considering your service.

3. “How did you find the quality of the translation?”

Anything positive that your client says regarding the quality of your translation will be a very beneficial accolade to include in your marketing. Some clients will value the need for a flawless translation more than others, but anyone considering hiring you will want to know that your translation ability is up to scratch.

4. “Were you happy with my customer service?”

Promoting a good comment from a previous client about your customer service ability will signal to prospective clients that you’re easy to work with and that commissioning you will be hassle-free. 

5. “Did you think my availably and response time was acceptable?”

Some clients will want you to be available to answer email queries in a timely manner. By having a quotation from a previous client commending your response time, you’ll prove to potential clients that you’re able to communicate effectively and promptly.

6. “What did your target audience think of my translation?”

The answer to this question shows that the client’s audience was happy with your translation too. This is important, because having your translation authenticated by those who natively speak the language is a strong indication of your ability as a translator.

7. “Would you recommend me to others?”

In addition to speaking highly of your ability, your marketing material should also include personal recommendations of your service. When a previous client recommends you to others they’re putting their name to your ability, giving your service the authenticity it needs to stand out from the crowd.

8. “Why did you choose to hire me over others?”

Finally, try to include a short comment from a previous client that explains why they chose you over other translators. This will signal to potential clients that they don’t need to look for different translators, as other people in their position have already assessed various translators and decided to pick you as the best solution for them!

If you’ve provided a great service for your client, then you’ll find that these questions will give you a wealth of accolades to include in your promotional copy.

Let us know if there are any other questions that you use to prompt clients for glowing testimonials!

By Ofer Tirosh

Ofer Tirosh is the founder and CEO of Tomedes, a language technology and translation company that supports business growth through a range of innovative localization strategies. He has been helping companies reach their global goals since 2007.



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