10 Cyber Monday Deals for Translators

November 20, 2019
10 Cyber Monday Deals for Translators

When did you last upgrade your tech? As a professional translator, you need reliable kit in order to deliver a top-notch service. That’s why, as a responsible translation agency that likes to support the translators with whom we work, Tomedes has put together this list of potential Cyber Monday deals. 

When is Cyber Monday? 

Cyber Monday is on 2 December 2019. Cyber Monday deals – like Black Friday deals – aren’t usually announced until the day, or at least just before it. As such, keep an eye on these sites as 2 December approaches. Remember to keep a close watch on them as Black Friday approaches too – as well as on the bargains mentioned in our earlier Black Friday article! 

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Are you ready to start saving? Then let’s get stuck in! 

1. Smartphones

If you’re after a new smartphone, buying one on Cyber Monday makes a lot of sense. Check out Amazon Cyber Monday deals for some superb discounts on mobile phones and accessories. There are also some deals available for smartwatches, with Amazon’s sale starting early this year, at 00:01 on Friday 22 November. 

2. Laptops

Amazon is also a great starting point if you’re looking for best buy laptops this Cyber Monday. However, Amazon deals aren’t the only ones out there when it comes to laptops, although at up to 25% off, their offers may take some beating! The ASUS Cloudbook 2019 seems like a particular bargain – reduced from £299.99 to £149.00. 

It’s certainly worth checking directly with manufacturers. Dell is known for its Cyber Monday deals, while Microsoft also offers some great bargains. 

Are you an Apple devotee? If so, it’s a little harder to track down Cyber Monday deals but far from impossible. As well as Amazon, it’s worth checking out stores such as Argos, John Lewis and Currys to see who’s offering the biggest discounts. 

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3. Desktops 

Those same stores are also worthy of investigation if you’re after a desktop PC. A solid, reliable desktop is the cornerstone of many a translator’s business, so it’s worth having a machine that you can rely on. Amazon has a selection of monitors at 20% off, for starters. The Samsung 34-inch LED monitor, reduced from £379.99 to £279.00 looks particularly tempting! 

If your desktop is on its last legs, why not use Cyber Monday to make sure your translation work has the tech resources that it truly requires? And don’t forget to look out for bargains on software and other translation tools as well. 

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4. Printers 

Printers and ink can be surprisingly costly if you pay full price for them, but why would you do that when Cyber Monday is just around the corner? Look out for bundles on Amazon or again direct from the manufacturers (HP, Samsung and Canon are the ones to watch), so that you can stock up on ink as well as buying the printer itself. 

One of the best deals we’ve spotted so far is an HP Envy 5010 all-in-one printer on Amazon, which is currently priced at £34.00 thanks to a 43% discount. 

5. Accessories 

Do you have a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse or track pad? Or is your desk a tangled mess of wires? Good office feng shui includes a decluttered desk, so why not use Cyber Monday as your opportunity to go wireless and ditch those cables? Amazon, Dell and Microsoft are all worth keeping an eye on if it’s time for you to refresh your keyboard and mouse. 

6. Office Chairs

Ok, so it’s not technically part of your office tech, but a decent office chair is invaluable when you’re working in it for eight or more hours per day. The right lumbar support is essential, as is the perfect height, so opt for a chair that offers plenty of adjustable settings in order that you can fit it precisely to your postural needs. 

Check out Office Furniture Online, Viking Direct and (of course) Amazon to grab any deals on chairs this Cyber Monday. It’s also worth looking at Currys, which currently has the Alphason Portland Executive Chair reduced from £174.99 to £139.99. 

7. Office Desks

Of course, if you’re shopping for a new chair then it’s worth checking out the desks that are available too. Whether you want and adjustable height desk, a treadmill desk or just a decent, sturdy desk that looks good, Office Furniture Online, Viking Direct and Amazon have plenty to offer. 

8. Foot Pedals

Do you offer video translation services? If not, should you? There’s certainly plenty of demand for this type of translation. 

An important element of video (and audio file) translation is having the right hardware. For the transcription part of the task, a high-quality foot pedal can have a notable impact on how fast you can work – and thus on your hourly rate! Viking Direct has a good selection, while eBay has a history of providing some great Cyber Monday deals, so is well worth a look as well. 

9. Video Cameras and Microphones  

While you’re stocking up on tech, why not bag yourself a bargain video camera and microphone? Video is very much the future, whether you’re marketing a product or a service such as freelance translation. As such, why not showcase your technical expertise by making a few short explainer videos and including them on your website for potential clients to watch? 

Amazon Cyber Monday deals are a great place to start if this sounds like something you could benefit from doing. At the time of writing, Amazon has an Actitop 4K camcorder available for £157.24 – 15% off the original price of £184.99. 

10. Christmas Gifts

Cyber Monday deals aren’t just for you alone. How about using the Cyber Monday offers to treat your fellow translators to some tech-related gifts this Christmas? From iPhone cases to wireless ear buds, there are plenty of offers out there. Amazon and eBay are the ideal places to source these kinds of bargains, so be ready to scour both sites for the best deals this Cyber Monday. 

Are You Ready for Cyber Monday?

If you’re planning to bag some Cyber Monday bargains this year, it’s important to be organised in advance. Have you written your list of what you’re looking for? How about noting down what you’re willing to spend on each item. While ‘the more you spend, the more you save’ does have an element of truth to it when it comes to Cyber Monday, that doesn’t mean that your budget should go entirely out of the window! 

Sales shopping can be an exciting experience and there are some fantastic deals to be had, whether you’re shopping for your business or for Christmas gifts. Stock is often limited, so start early on Cyber Monday if you don’t want to miss out and have backups in mind if the particular item you’re looking for is sold out at the price you’re prepared to pay. 

Final Thoughts

Will you be taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals this year? If so, what are you planning to buy – is it something we’ve covered above, or some other piece of kit? Share your thoughts with your fellow translators by leaving a comment below. 

By Ofer Tirosh

Ofer Tirosh is the founder and CEO of Tomedes, a language technology and translation company that supports business growth through a range of innovative localization strategies. He has been helping companies reach their global goals since 2007.



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