Are you ready for International Translation Day 2018?

August 8, 2018
Are you ready for International Translation Day 2018?

30 September 2018 is International Translation Day. Each year, on 30 September, this day is celebrated across the entire United Nations network. Indeed, in early 2017, the day was recognised as an official event by the United Nations General Assembly. 

Are you prepared for International Translation Day (ITD) 2018? How will you be celebrating?

International Translation Day 2018

The theme of International Translation Day 2018 is Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times. UNESCO is keen to show that cultural heritage is about more than “monuments and collections of objects” – it is something less tangible, which arises from a culture’s own distinct traits, from its people’s beliefs and practices to their relationship with the world around us. This is what this year’s ITD will seek to celebrate. 

The world is changing rapidly. From climate change and environmental damage to political upheaval and economic uncertainty, there is a great deal going on that can cause swift and lasting change. This is why UNESCO and the International Federation of Translators are so keen to promote and protect our cultural heritage. 

ITD around the world

International Translation Day is celebrated by countries around the world, with everyone from individual translators to large businesses and government organisations getting involved. Celebrations vary enormously, but all focus on the value of translation and its positive impact on our communities and the way they interconnect. 

In Abu Dhabi, for example, the Department of Culture and Tourism celebrated 2017’s ITD by launching a bookshop for employees, with an 80% discount on all products. The department also distributed translated novels in order to promote reading habits within the local community. 

In England, the British Library ran a programme of events with themes ranging from translating human rights and translating for theatre workshop to poetry and Arabic.

Celebrating ITD 2018

If you’re stuck for ideas as to how to celebrate ITD 2018, why not network with your fellow translators to see what they have in mind? You could start by sharing your ideas beneath this post! Whatever you do – and whether you specialise in anything from Portuguese translation to Sanskrit translation – be sure to celebrate your own successes as well as the broader value of translation. After all, without the vast network of translators spread around the globe, there would be far less to celebrate! 

And while you’re here, be sure to check out the Tomedes Summarizer Tool – our latest free resource for translators and other professionals who work with words.  


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