2017 translation service reviews

November 23, 2016
2017 translation service reviews

As the New Year approaches, individuals and companies alike look to take a fresh approach to everything from their health to their performance at work. “Out with the old, in with the new” is an attitude being adopted by many as 2017 hurtles towards us. 

For users of translation agencies, this means an excellent opportunity to ensure that they are using the best translation company available. 2017 translation service reviews will play an important role in this. 

Why translation service reviews are important

Translation service reviews are an essential tool that enable individuals and businesses to select the best translation company. They provide information on professional translation agencies that won’t be found on the company’s website. These are user-created reviews that provide honest feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the translation company in question. They therefore provide a realistic picture of what users of the translation company concerned might expect. 

Where to find 2017 translation reviews

Those looking for 2017 translation reviews can begin by looking on the website of the translation company they’re considering using. Tomedes’ customer reviews, for example, are uploaded to a dedicated reviews page. However, that’s just the start. There are also plenty of review sites online for translation agencies, such as Translation Services Review, which provides an outside perspective on translation companies around the world. 

Tracking down translation company reviews can take a little time, but it’s well worth the effort, considering that they should (hopefully!) provide an accurate users’ perspective of the translation agency. This can sometimes be the difference between a potential client finding the reassurance they are looking for and them moving on to look for other agencies to use. The ability of all internet users to have their say when it comes to translation agencies certainly means that those offering poor quality translations can quickly come to light! 

What translation company reviews can reveal

Translation company reviews can reveal a great deal about a company. Firstly, they can provide valuable insights into the quality of a translation agency’s work. Clearly, it’s in the interests of every translation company to speak about their high quality services – those offering low quality services are unlikely to be around very long! However, not all companies live up to their marketing materials. Thus translation agency reviews can be extremely helpful in enabling potential clients to form a realistic picture of the quality of translation that a particular company provides. 

Customer satisfaction levels can also be judged based on reviews. If you Google a translation company and find page after page of their clients complaining about poor quality translations, poor service, high costs and so forth, it’s a definite warning sign!

Translation reviews can also reveal snippets of information about all kinds of aspects of a business, from working practices to staff happiness. Price (and value for money) is also something that can be gleaned from reviews. Many translation companies are surprisingly secretive about their approach to pricing and instead of providing an instant quote service prefer to try and get potential clients on the phone before they will provide any costings. However, no such secrecy is observed by those leaving reviews, which can be very helpful to potential clients comparing different translation agencies. 

Final thoughts

2017 translation service reviews will be an essential tool in helping potential clients to compare the merits of different translation agencies. They can provide reassurance from existing and former clients that is invaluable when deciding which translation agency to use. 

Do you often rely on translation company reviews? How important are they in informing your decisions about which translation companies to use? Or to work for? Leave a comment to share your experiences! 

By Ofer Tirosh

Ofer Tirosh is the founder and CEO of Tomedes, a language technology and translation company that supports business growth through a range of innovative localization strategies. He has been helping companies reach their global goals since 2007.



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