What Are Localization, Internationalization and Globalization?

CATEGORY / Translation services


Do you provide localization, internationalization and globalization services? If not, should you?

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How to Become a Certified Medical Interpreter

CATEGORY / Translation services


Would you like to become a medical interpreter? If so, you're in the right place!

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10 Best Translation Tools for Translators

CATEGORY / Translation services


Here are the best translation tools and localization platforms that can assist you in various projects, whether it may be for computer-assisted transl

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How to take your translation skills to the next level

CATEGORY / Translation services


How to take your professional translation skills to the next level by improving your work ethic and taking on specialized translation projects

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How can a translator become an interpreter?

CATEGORY / Translation services


Just because you can translate doesn't mean you can interpret. But what if you want to do both?

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Should you be offering globalization services as well as localization services?

CATEGORY / Translation services


So you've been impressing your translation clients with your localization service. Great! But are you giving them a globalization option too?

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Why use memoQ?

CATEGORY / Translation services


This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we've collaborated with memoQ to offer Tomedes translators 30% ‎off the latest version of memoQ!

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Top 2019 translation trends

CATEGORY / Translation services


Professional translation company Tomedes looks at top translation trends for 2019, from post-editing machine translation to voice search translation

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The thorn in the side of machine translation

CATEGORY / Translation services


Human translation agency Tomedes looks at localization services from the perspective the growth in of machine translation

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Are you brushing up on your cannabis translation terminology?

CATEGORY / Translation services


Business translation company Tomedes looks at the rise of cannabis company translation requests and what this means for professional translators

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