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Ensuring Meaningful Tattoos: The Need for Professional Tattoo Translation Services

Tattoo translation was a service which was not used much till a few years back, but now tattoos have become a popular fashion trend as many A-list celebrities sport them whether its Madonna and Britney Spears or David Beckham. Consequently, we have got a host of services that have been developed to support tattooing including professional tattoo translation. Most people now have easy access to fairly good tattoo artists who can do a great job of creating finely designed tattoos.


Tattoos can be in the form of symbols/images, as well as letters. Now it's quite alright if you get a tattoo of a dragon or any other image or word whose meaning is clearly understood by you. Problems may arise when you would like to get a tattoo in the form of a word or phrase in a language you don't understand. In such cases you would need to make sure that the letters that are being engraved on your body mean exactly what you expect them to and not anything else.


No Regrets with Tomedes’ Professional Tattoo Translation

Are you receiving curious looks while traveling abroad? It could be due to that tattoo that reads "Illiterate Foreigner" or some other unintended mistranslation. That is why if you intend to get a tattoo in a language you don't understand, or even a symbol which might carry specific meanings across different cultures, you should first consult a professional tattoo translation service provider to get the exact translation.


Tomedes works with many highly qualified language translation providers offering their services for a huge number of languages. Not only will we be able to get you accurate tattoo translation in any language you want, but we will also deliver it fast and for significantly low translation rates.


A Tattoo Translation Company You Can Trust

Native Translators

At Tomedes, accuracy is paramount. Our tattoo language translators are native speakers, ensuring that each word reflects true meaning and intent.

Culturally Sensitive

Our commitment goes beyond mere translation. We ensure cultural sensitivity, guaranteeing that tattoos resonate meaningfully without causing offense in any cultural context.

Tailor Fitted

Tattoo aesthetics matter. Recognizing that translations can alter design length, Tomedes provides translations that seamlessly align with the intended tattoo design, ensuring beauty and coherence.

Available 24/7

Tomedes is always at your service. Whether you're getting inked or a tattoo artist conceptualizing designs, our round-the-clock availability ensures that expert translation assistance is just a call away.

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Looking for transparent pricing for your tattoo translation? Dive into our cost-effective rates tailored just for you. Don't let uncertainty hold you back – upload your text or tattoo image now and get a detailed rate breakdown within minutes. Your perfect tattoo is just a click away.

Tattoo Translation Available in Different Languages

Navigating the world of tattoos, we frequently help individuals translate tattoos into English from a spectrum of languages. But most of our tattoo translation requests are from English to the following languages:

See Supported Languages
  • checkChinese
  • checkJapanese
  • checkArabic
  • checkSanskrit
  • checkLatin
  • checkHebrew
  • checkGreek
  • checkTibetan
  • checkMaori
  • checkRussian

One Tattoo, A Wealth of Translation Options

Within Tomedes, our linguists act as your tattoo language converter, offering human precision in translating your desired sentiment. Through diverse translation methodologies, we bring authenticity and cultural richness to your chosen body art. Trust in our professional touch for unmatched clarity.

  • checkLiteral Translations
  • checkCultural Translations
  • checkPhonetic Translations
  • checkSymbolic Translations
  • checkIdiomatic Translations
  • checkCalligraphic Translations
  • checkTransliteration
  • checkConceptual Translations

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