January 19, 2012

By Ofer Tirosh

Applied IT Translation and Its Benefits

Many people believe that IT translation is mostly beneficial for moving a certain piece of technology, software, tool, or even a new mobile toy, from one culture and economy into another. If Nintendo develops a DS3, than IT translation and localization is necessary in order have that piece of technology distributed, sold and enjoyed in Japan and the U.S., and anywhere else. If Joe Schmoe develops a really sexy new iPhone app, than mobile app software localization enables him to globally distribute and monetize his hot new iPhone app, and thereby profit from the largest audience possible.

However, this is not really why IT translation and localization is so important. Language translation itself, enables us to share knowledge, spread ideas, and learn from one another on a global scale, where otherwise, we would be prevented from doing so due to language barriers. Professional translation> and localization are the vehicles essential for sharing our thoughts, expressions, feelings, perceptions and ideas, from one region to another; one culture to another and one language to another. Without it, we are left with severely limited and isolated societies, or forced to slow technological development with the time that it takes to become fluent in another language.

The Real Role of Information Technology Localization

IT translation and localization is thus far, the pinnacle manifestation of our human ability to connect, share and benefit from one another's ideas, progressive achievements and discoveries - it is the best form and a brilliant illustration of human social learning. This is what has enabled us to achieve such rapid advancements in the world of Information Technology. We are called the "Age of Information" because of both our fervent desire and our ever-evolving ability to share, learn and build upon knowledge and information across all channels; through and with all sensory perceptions. We can share visual ideas and information through innumerable methods and platforms, not only within technology and IT localization, but broadcasting and journalism, academia, live language interpretation, document translation, and many other forms. We share oratory sources of information through things like audio book translation, podcast translation, and more recently -even cooler and more creative methods like TED Talk translations, and open source translation programs. We're even able to share and build upon our experiences with taste and smells through recipe translation. There is no end or limit to the potential of social learning because of translation and localization LSP's, and more specifically, because of localized Information Technology and its technical translators and facilitators.

Information Technology translation and localization is not just a specialized LSP industry, or just a business service we provide. It's a dedicated passion through which we learn and pass on ideas, thoughts, collaborations, developments and progression - and not as an isolated entity or business, but as a part of the entire global social learning process.

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