Accurate Website Translation Service Can Affect World Peace?

Accurate Website Translation Service Can Affect World Peace?

July 01, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Website Document Translation Inaccuracy by Mistake or for Political Agenda?

Apparently document translation can be a tool for political agendas, if you consider the latest statement between the U.S., Russia, and France for the withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani soil. The original document was drawn up in English, but there have been numerous cases of incorrect website translation in several languages, including Russian to English translation and Armenian translation, and several others that were not named.

It is speculation as to whether it was purposeful mistranslation for political agendas, or due simply to poor translation service. Website translation often involves localized translation service, as well as other components of professional technical translation. Something like a government statement, such as this agreement of withdrawal of Armenian occupation, contains a lot of legalistic and diplomatic terminology and wording. These types of documents are not written in basic, simplified English. If translation service was applied nonchalantly or without a lot of thought, the consequential text or result will be something altogether different from the original document.

Of course, in such a political context, mistranslation could be purposeful for many with their own political perspectives and agendas, especially where it concerns outside mediation for peaceful negotiations. Partisan political groups, organizations, and so forth, could be opportunistic with translated political agreements and statements. A few added words here, or several words taken out there; some stronger, action vocabulary exchanged for neutral or passive vocabulary – and suddenly what was originally a well-intended foreign occupation withdrawal agreement can become a statement of ill intent or violence. Whether the website document translation was intentional or unintentional by those who posted it, the result was the same: a document agreement written with intentions to peacefully resolve occupation of another country, was twisted into dangerous inaccuracies.

Worldwide Document Translation Service for Worldwide Peace

As a professional translation service, we'd like to think we can do our part to support peace, order and prosperity in all parts of the world. Documents such as this occupational withdrawal agreement drawn up by the U.S., France and Russia might have been used as an opportunity to misrepresent the truth. The result of such things can potentially cause more uprisings, disagreements, and friction in world affairs and international relations between countries and political parties.

With a worldwide network of over 5,000 translators – each with a unique set of translation skills and experience – we can accurately translate important political documents of public and international interest. If you suspect a mistranslation of political text, document or agreement, let Tomedes serve as a confidential, neutral party you can trust to accurately translate the document. Not only will we provide complete and fully accurate document translation service, but we will provide binding and legal confidential agreements to keep your document information secure.

It's a shame that some of the negotiation website translations weren't provided by our professional website translation service, before being posted online to cause further political strain.

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