September 02, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Gōng Xĭ Fā Cái! Send Traditional 2011 Chinese New Year Greeting – Free!

Because we are a professional language translation service that promotes and advocates inter-cultural, inter-lingual communication, we are offering free Chinese translation for the first day of Chinese New Year, which begins the Year of the Rabbit. Much like our Rosh Hashanah special (see the Insider blog at ) it will provide the opportunity for anyone with Chinese co-workers, relatives, employees and friends, to send a 2011 Chinese New Year card to them in their native Chinese language (or the language of their heritage, for Chinese-Americans).

The Chinese New Year celebrations and festivities are the most important in Chinese culture, with centuries of myths and customs and traditions behind it, one of which is the Chinese New Year greeting. Their Chinese New Year festivities last 2-3 weeks, and are much more involved and dramatic than our Christmas holiday season. Some of the festivities include the famous lion and dragon dances and street performances, fireworks are set off, gifts and new things are given and bought - all ending with the well-known Chinese Lantern Festival on the 15th and last day. While the Chinese New Year may not be an official holiday in English speaking countries, it is celebrated in Chinatown in dozens of urban cities. The approaching Year of the Rabbit officially begins on February 3rd, 2011 and ends on Jan. 22, 2012.

Because it is traditional and customary for people to loudly greet one another with wishes for prosperity and happiness, we are offering a special for any 2011 Chinese New Year greeting. In China, children greet their parents with new year's sentiments, and people greet one another in the street during the festivities with wishes of long life, happiness and peace. This year, pass along a personalized 2011 Chinese New Year greeting with professional Chinese translation service, and let your friends, family, co-workers and business associates know your appreciation for them and their culture.

Complimentary Chinese Translation for 2011 Chinese New Year Cards

Here's how the free Chinese translation special works, for a personalized 2011 Chinese New Year card:

  • You send us your own Chinese New Year greeting to express, and we will provide the English-Chinese greeting card translation for up to 60 words, free of charge.
  • Send us the name(s) of the individuals you want to send a 2011 Chinese New Year card to, and we will provide you with a traditional Chinese New Year greeting of up to 60 words.
  • If you have a general idea of what you'd like to say, but aren't completely sure about customary greetings, we are happy to help you form your sentiments into a more traditional Chinese New Year greeting.

Greeting card translation service, whether for Chinese New Year or any other holiday or reason, is always available for quick, low cost translation service at Tomedes. Actually, we provide professional translation service for any reason, in almost any language, and for every industry. Whether its a Hebrew translation for Hanukkah holiday card, or a French translation of your love-note on Valentine's Day, Tomedes provides attentive, personalized customer service, and always guarantees absolute perfect translations.

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