August 22, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Special Offer: Free Hebrew Translation for Rosh Hashanah

As any Jewish individual knows, Jewish people in Israel as well as all around the world will celebrate the Jewish new year on the 9th of September this year. September 9th is an opportunity to participate in Jewish tradition, even for those who may not speak Hebrew fluently. For the 2010 Jewish new year, we are providing a Rosh Hashanah translation special offer, extended to anyone. Those who may not be Jewish, but wish to pass along a Rosh Hashanah greeting, are welcome to participate in our special translation offer.

Many of you may or may not realize that it is a Jewish custom to send Rosh Hashanah greetings, whether by email or regular mail, to business clients, friends, family and anyone else you want to send regards and best wishes to for the new year. This year, as a 2010 Rosh Hashanah celebratory offer, we are extending free Hebrew translation for Rosh Hashanah greetings 2010.

Create Your Own Rosh Hashanah Greeting Card with Hebrew Translation

The Rosh Hashanah greetings 2010 special offer for free professional Hebrew translation service will include one of two options:

  • Send us a greeting to in any language and we will provide English to Hebrew translation (or any other Hebrew language translation) free of charge, for up to 62 words.
  • Send us the name of the person, family, business, client, or any other friends or acquaintances to We will send you a traditional Rosh Hashanah Hebrew translation of one of several greetings.

As a professional translation service that specializes in Hebrew language translation, Tomedes guarantees complete accuracy for all professional Hebrew translation service for Rosh Hashanah, and any other type of document translation service.

As a reminder, we also provide professional business translation and document translation service in every major language, including Japanese translation service, Chinese translation, Korean translation, Russian translation, French translation, German translation, and over 30 other languages.

Rosh Hashanah greetings for 2010 and the new year, and best wishes to all of our business clients, staff, family and friends.

Here a few Rosh Hashanah Hebrew greetings you can use:

שנה טובה ומתוקה לכל המשפחה! מאחלים שנה של חלומות, אהבות והצלחות, הרבה בריאות, צחוק ושמחה 

שנה טובה ומוצלחת, שיתמלאו משאלות ליבנו לטובה. שנת בריאות ובהירות, שנת שלווה ועשייה, שנת הבנה וחכמה, שנת חברות וקירבה, שנת שמחה ואור, שנת נתינה ומחילה, ושנה של התחלות טובות והפתעות נעימות 

מאחל לך כל טוב ושפע של שמחה
פרנסה טובה ובריאות מעולה
הישגים והצלחות גדולות
בכל התחומים

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