Video Remote Interpreting Services

Connect with anyone in any language and in any place with our VRI services. An expert interpreter joins your call and translates from one language to another.

The Need for High Quality Video Remote Interpreting

Now, more than ever, there’s a need to communicate remotely via the internet, using video call technology. We meet less in person, and more online. Zoom and other video calling platforms help us meet and connect remotely, but we still need to bridge language gaps. VRI does that.

On-demand Video Interpretation

On-demand video remote interpretation means you have one or more suitable simultaneous interpreters, able to translate in both directions the languages being used in that meeting, ready when you need them. In sort, you have the right interpreter, right when they are required.





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Video Remote Interpreting Use Cases


Medical Settings

Video remote interpretation has become an essential for bridging language barriers in the post-pandemic “new normal.” In public health meetings and briefings, in conversations between care providers and patients, and in calls and conferences of public health officials and medical personnel, there’s an urgent need to have interpreters at the ready.


Business Meetings

Video remote interpretation is also much in demand for business meetings between speakers of different languages. As travel restrictions keep us from crossing borders, there still is an urgent need to communicate effectively with speakers of other languages. In the new normal, whether for one-to-one business calls or multilingual conferences, VRI makes conversation flow smoothly.


Emergency Purposes

Video remote interpretation is essential in emergency situations, especially in urban areas or other areas where multiple languages are spoken. Whether in an emergency room or among first responders, effective and swift communications can save lives. VRI enables care providers to communicate with people on the scene and to treat the injured.


Video Conferencing and Webinars

Even with the travel restrictions of the new normal, Video remote interpretation makes international business and academic conferences possible, enable people with different languages to communicate fluently with each other. The same holds true for online courses and webinars. VRI enables interpreters to bridge any language gaps.


For Government Agencies

Government offices and agencies have frequent needs for video remote interpretation. Especially in times of the “new normal” when in-person meetings and gatherings are impossible, VRI enables government officials to communicate effectively in any language with the public, constituents, and counterparts in other regions and countries.


Looking for a Video Interpreter?

Tomedes is your one-stop shop for video remote interpretation. Just let us know what you need and when you need it. We’ll supply the expert interpreters to meet your exact requirements. Just contact us and we’ll respond ASAP.

Video Remote Interpreting in 120 Languages and 950+ Language Pairs

The Tomedes linguistic network comprises thousands of translators and interpreters able to meet the highest language service requirements. Our community of highly trained linguists supports 120+ languages and 950+ language pairs, translating and interpreting in both linguistic directions, an essential requirement for ensuring fluent two-way or multilingual conversations.


Network of Expert Video Interpreters


The Tomedes linguistic network comprises thousands of translators and interpreters. Their linguistic capabilities include deep knowledge of the terminology and standards of every profession and industry. Indeed, many of our VRI providers are experts in specific industrial and professional domains first, who later developed expertise in the skills of remote video interpretation.

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