Voice Over Translation from English to Arabic

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Voice Over Translation from English to Arabic

June 11, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Audio and Voice Over Translation Services

Audio translation comes in several forms; a common one being voice over translation. This is usually used for dubbed videos and films, whether for entertainment, commercial, business or marketing purposes. Voice overs are used for things like audio software translation or audio instruction manuals, audio transcription, website translation, e-learning websites, as well as audio book and tutorial narration. They are also essential in order to reach a foreign language market or audience. For this particular recent voice over translation, the client requested English to Arabic translation service.

To get a free quote for any professional voice over service, audio translation, or any Arabic translation service, simply use the top menu to upload the written documents. For audio files, send them to us at info@tomedes.com. You'll receive a quick response from us, as well as the lowest translation rates from any professional translation agency. We offer translation rates up to 75% less than most other leading translation services.

Arabic Translation from Kansas City to Worldwide

The client requested Arabic audio translation (specific details about any client is strictly prohibited from disclosure, due to terms of service and confidentiality agreements) for an e-learning website. The client's location in the middle of Kansas City was not a prime location for finding local Arabic translators, which is why he came to Tomedes for professional Arabic translation. Other language translation services that may or may not be accessible in Kansas City or any other location, are surpassed by Tomedes. Because of our worldwide network of translators, we have extremely extensive industry and language translation options, and as mentioned, our translations prices are the lowest available. The voice over translation was sent to us both as a written document and as an audio file in Arabic. We assigned an Arabic translator with narration experience to provide the voice over, and a project supervisor to review the materials and ensure a fast translation turnaround.

A few other recent audio translations and other visual/audio format translations we have provided include Russian translation of audio files, Spanish subtitling, and Romanian translation for audio translation transcription. We can provide any kind of translation in any industry, and in any language, including most any audio/visual professional translation service. For any questions, connect to our free live chat available 24/7, or email us at info@tomedes.com.

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