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An urgent translation of a business presentation

April 19, 2015

We were contacted recently by a client who was in a bit of a panic: she was asked to give a presentation for her company, but didn't realise that she would be expected to provide a flawless translation of her PowerPoint slides!

The client hoped that we might be able to help, even though she only gave us very short notice. Natalie (one of our project managers here at Tomedes) responded to the distressed client within the hour, assuring her that it was indeed possible to complete the presentation translation in the timeframe she requested.

The client was very relieved to hear this good news, and she was surprised by the fantastic value of Natalie’s quotation: because she made her request at such short notice, the client thought that there would be a premium added to our fees. She was delighted to see that the translation would be very affordable indeed.

Natalie selected an experienced translator to work on the presentation, and the translator’s background in the client's sector allowed him to complete the translation with both professional accuracy and haste. Whenever we choose a translator to work on a client’s document, we always ensure that they're familiar with the document's subject matter.

The client was very relived to have the completed presentation returned to her, and she thanked us for such a smooth and easy transaction. She assured us that, if ever she was in a similar situation in the future, she'd be in touch straight away. (Although she did hope our next encounter would be under more relaxed circumstances!)

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