Urgent English to Spanish product brochure translation

A US-based client recently approached our translation company for support with the English to Spanish translation of his product brochure.

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Urgent English to Spanish product brochure translation

September 06, 2017

Manufacturing products for sale overseas is an extensive undertaking. Not only must the products comply with the legal and health and safety requirements of the country in which they are being sold (as well as those in the country where they’re made), but they must also provide all of their information in the language of the country of sale. This means that professional translation is required for a range of documents, from marketing copy and websites to product brochures and information leaflets. 

A US-based client recently approached our translation company for support with just such a task. His company had expanded its range of goods and was due to start selling one of the new products to several Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, as well as to his regular outlets in the US. As such, he was in need of professional Spanish translation services for his product brochure, which contained all of the product’s legal and health and safety information.

The client had a very tight deadline and thus wanted to use our express translation service in order to meet his manufacturing commitments. We got to work straight away in order to meet his deadline, with our leading Spanish translator immediately starting work on the brochure. 

The brochure translation was a detailed job, as it was densely packed with information, so our Spanish translator lost no time in working methodically through it. After we completed our standard round of quality assurance checks, we sent the translated brochure over to the client. 

The client was delighted that we had been able to meet his deadline and provide a first quality translation for such a reasonable translation price. It meant that he was able to proceed with manufacturing and shipping his products on time, despite his very short timescales!

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