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We were approached by a client who needed her degree certificate translated from English to Turkish in order to work overseas

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English to Turkish Diploma Translation

September 30, 2015

The translation team at Tomedes is often called upon to translate educational documents. Many clients obtain their qualifications in one country and then chose to pursue a career in another. It’s one of the advantages of globalization. 

We were approached recently by a client who needed her degree certificate translated from English to Turkish. She had gained her qualification in the UK but was planning to live and work overseas. 

The client specifically requested a certificate of translation. This is something that Tomedes can provide for every job, if requested. The certificate attests to the true and accurate nature of the translation. It is something that is often required by government agencies in order to prove the authenticity of the translated document. 

As well as the certificate of translation, this client needed her degree certificate translated into Turkish in a hurry. Again, this was not a problem for the Tomedes translation team. We are used to handling urgent translation work for our clients and our translators are available round the clock. It’s one of the advantages of operating our network structure, which means we have freelance translators based around the world, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. 

Not only were we able to meet the client’s needs in terms of providing an accurate translation to a very short timescale, along with a certificate of translation, we were also able to do it for a great price. She was delighted with our service and has already put her translated degree certificate to good use in advancing her career. 

From brief, personal translations such as this one to vast business documents, Tomedes has a team of professional translators at your disposal. To enjoy our fast, accurate translation service, simply send us the details of what you would like translated and how soon you need the work to be done. You can email us or take advantage of our live chat service, whichever you prefer.

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