Translation Consistency for Game Developers: A Deeper Look

Translation consistency is essential for businesses looking to make the most of global gaming market opportunities. Discover why with Tomedes.

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Translation Consistency for Game Developers: A Deeper Look

December 04, 2023

Between consoles, smartphones, tablets, downloads and online/cloud gaming, players have a wealth of options. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global gaming market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.1% from 2023-2030, reaching a value of $665.77 billion by the end of the forecast period. For businesses, this presents abundant opportunities – when they get their translation consistency right.

Our Client

Our client is a global leader in artificial intelligence gaming. Combining technological advances with cutting-edge creativity, the client develops games that capture the imaginations of players around the world. Their work spans international borders, supported by nuanced, carefully crafted translations that deliver exceptional, immersive player experiences. Manufacturing hardware as well as software, the client’s focus is on growing its market share for existing products and technologies, while also opening up new and exciting revenue streams.

The Challenge

Gaming businesses face multiple challenges in connecting with global audiences. Translation consistency in everything from in-game elements to reference materials is crucial to overcoming these challenges. They include:

Technical Constraints: Various collaboration, workflow, and language tools and integrations are required to work with the client’s assets and ensure translation quality across multiple languages and audiences.

Continual Updates: Technology moves fast, meaning translation efficiency must be delivered while keeping the client’s requests in mind, with workflows that accommodate their timeline and workload.

Maintaining the Tone: Key to high quality translation is localizing games into multiple languages. This requires native translators with sufficient cultural expertise to provide sensitive translations that maintain artistic tone.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes delivers all this and more, supporting the client to turn source materials in a variety of formats into consistent translations.

Utility of Best Tools and Platforms: We provide project managers, tech experts and native translators, coupled with industry-best tools and platforms for outstanding translations in every language, every time.

Fully Integrated Workflow: From voice-acting, to marketing content translation, to the localization of visuals and interfaces, Tomedes goes above and beyond, focusing our services around the needs of each client.

Extensive Network of Native Translators: Our native speakers, sector specialists and culturally aware localization team undertake translation quality assessment to assure the quality of each translation.

Why is consistency important in translation? In the gaming industry, professional translation services aid clients to engage players across international borders by delivering localized, culturally nuanced experiences.

The Result

Videogames enable players to create social connections, build confidence, and develop team working and collaboration skills. High-quality translations enable all this and more, fuelling the growth of this huge leisure industry.


Do you need expert translation services that can carry your messaging across to multiple audiences in multiple languages, while maintaining consistency in relation to your product? Contact Tomedes to find out how we can help. We’re here 24/7/365 to support you.

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