Transcription Services for a Client in NYC

Tomedes recently completed a transcription job for a client in NYC. Click for further details!

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Transcription Services for a Client in NYC

September 08, 2020

Tomedes recently completed another transcription job for a client in New York. When it comes to transcription services, NYC is a familiar stomping ground for the Tomedes team. This time, it was our legal transcription expertise that was required. 

Our Recurring Client in NYC Asking for Transcription Services

The Tomedes team are used to providing a range of language services for regular clients around the globe. Recently, a recurring translation client called upon us to provide transcription services. New York is a hive of activity for us, so we found it easy to provide the ideal transcriptionist to take on the job. 

The client had already been impressed with the quality of our translation service, so we were looking forward to showcasing the quality of our transcription service. NYC clients have asked us for transcriptions relating to a huge range of subjects over the years. For this client, legal transcription skills were the priority, but our transcription experience also covers everything from medical files to marketing videos. 

Accurate and Cheap Transcription Service

Accuracy is the key to the success of Tomedes’ NYC transcription services. As a transcription company, we work hard to deliver outstanding quality to every client and that means providing accurate, timely services each and every time. 

Our transcribing services are provided by native speakers of the language being transcribed. We have a network in place of experienced transcriptionists who have a track record of delivering their work on time. Even when faced with tight deadlines, their accuracy does not falter. This is why clients of our transcription service in New York and other locations are such loyal, regular customers. Although we like to think our superb, 24/7 customer service has something to do with it too! 

The other factor that we bring to the table when it comes to New York transcription is relevant expertise. This means we assign a language professional who has plenty of experience not just of transcription, but of transcribing the type of content that the client needs. In this case, for instance, we provided a legal transcriptionist, so that the legal terminology used in the client’s recordings would not pose any issues or slow down the transcription process. 

Every transcription client benefits from this approach. They also enjoy our surprisingly affordable price tag. We had a remote-first culture in place for years before COVID-19 forced remote working to go mainstream. That means we’ve been able to keep our running costs low. We pass the savings we make by not having fancy office buildings along to our clients.  

A Transcription Services Company You Can Rely on in New York

New York is known as the city that never sleeps and when it comes to transcription services, NYC certainly holds true to this. That’s why we work day and night to provide professional transcription services. New York is home to around 220,000 businesses. When those companies need a language service provider, they need to know they can call on a company they can trust. 

Being a reliable provider doesn’t just mean providing high quality transcriptions (although those are obviously essential). It means being responsive to clients’ requests, providing friendly and helpful service and keeping client data confidential. It was the combination of all of this that so impressed our recent recurring client. 

Of course, timely delivery is also non-negotiable when it comes to providing a transcription service. New York clients don’t like to wait – and nor should they! Waiting around for transcribing work to finish can cause unnecessary delays to a company’s operations. That’s why Tomedes works with every transcription client to understand their time pressures and to shape our service to meet their operational needs. 

One-year Quality Guarantee

Our New York transcription clients, just like those elsewhere around the world, are all covered by Tomedes’ one-year quality guarantee. This guarantee applies to our translation work as well as our transcription service. NYC clients can therefore enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will receive a high-quality transcription, delivered by their deadline, every time they work with Tomedes. 

Our Network of Transcription Service Professionals in NYC H2

Tomedes’ recent client was already aware of the breadth of our network of professional linguists from having previously used our translation service. We’ve been building this network up ever since Tomedes first began translating and transcribing, way back in 2007. 

Having such a solid community of translators, transcriptionists and other language professionals in place is one of the reasons that we can respond so fast to requests for our services. It also means that we are well placed to match the transcriber’s expertise with the client’s requirements. In this case, providing a legal transcriptionist for audio files featuring legal terminology. This is one of many ways that we ensure we provide top quality NYC transcription services. 

Give Us a Call

If your company is looking for a reliable, trustworthy transcription service that prioritises accuracy, efficiency and customer service excellence, it’s time you contacted Tomedes. We work with clients ranging from solopreneurs to blue chip companies. With no minimum spend, we can scale the support we provide to meet your precise needs while keeping our prices affordable. 

You can contact our friendly team by phone, email or the live chat service on our website. We’ll talk through your needs and suggest a language solution that ensures you have the expertise you need in line with your timescales. We’ll also provide 24/7 support as standard. If you wake up at 2 am with the sudden realisation that you’ve forgotten to send us a document or neglected to provide particular formatting instructions, there will always be someone at the end of the phone (or email, or live chat) to help put everything in order. 

Having a transcription service that you can rely on can be a huge weight off your mind. Why not give us a call to find out more?

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