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Translation from English to Thai for insurance benefit documents being sent to beneficiaries in Thailand.

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Thai Translation of Insurance Benefits

June 02, 2010

Insurance Translation of a Benefits Letter

Recently an insurance company requested translation for insurance benefits letters being sent to beneficiaries in Thailand. While insurance translation is a common request from all kinds of insurance companies and sales agencies, many do not think about the explanation of benefits needing translation. However, if a foreign insurance company is used for any reason – whether business, assets, property, or any other kind – a letter of explanation of benefits is sent. In this particular case, English to Thai letter translation was needed for an insurance company.

Technical insurance translation is a service we provide to many clients, whether for insurance purchase from a foreign insurance company, insurance benefits letters, insurance marketing, or any other reason. To get a free quote on any insurance translation service, or for any Thai translation, simply upload your documents using the menu on the left, or input the total word count. You'll receive an immediate estimate, with details of our affordable translation rates. Compared to other top services, we offer the lowest translation prices available; up to 75% less than other professional translation companies.

Translation in Boston and Worldwide

The Thai insurance translation that was requested came from an insurance company in Boston, and consisted of a total of 3,015 words (specific client details are strictly prohibited from disclosure, due to terms of service and confidentiality agreements). Due to the many legal, business and insurance businesses in Boston, it is a location that is in frequent need of translation services, whether English to Thai translation for an insurance letter, business document translation for Boston imports and exports, and much more.

Aside from this recent Thai document translation, we've also recently provided Hebrew translation of a foreign insurance policy, as well as Japanese translation of medical insurance documents, and many others. We have experienced insurance document translators in nearly every language possible, including dialects and languages spoken by less than 10,000 people. Our clients continue to rely on Tomedes for all professional document translation service, because of our fast turnarounds, high quality, and low cost translations.

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