Translating Technical Manuals for Successful Market Entry in Sweden

Tomedes offers Swedish translation solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We recently completed a project translating a technical manual from English to Swedish. This project underscores our commitment to delivering precise and technically accurate translations, ensuring that complex technical content is effectively communicated to Swedish-speaking professionals and users.

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Translating Technical Manuals for Successful Market Entry in Sweden

July 05, 2024

Our client

Company name: LiftTech (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

LiftTech is a global company that specializes in manufacturing lifts and aerial work platforms.

Deadline set by the client: 33 days

What do they need?

Our client needs high-quality translation solutions for their product manual from English to Swedish. The reason why they need technical translations for their manuals is to ensure regulatory compliance and technical accuracy, making their product accessible and easier to promote in the Swedish market.

The challenges

Despite having ample time to translate the manual from English to Swedish, we still encountered several challenges.

First, the manual contained specialized terms related to mechanical and operational aspects of lifts, demanding precise translations to maintain usability and accuracy. Second, several pages included non-editable text embedded in images, requiring innovative solutions for translation overlay. Third, ensuring the manual met Swedish regulatory standards required meticulous attention to detail in all translated content.

We overcame these challenges due to several key factors. First, our team had extensive experience in handling technical content, which ensured accurate and consistent translations of specialized terms. Second, we utilized advanced translation technology to maintain consistency and efficiency, particularly for repetitive sections and technical terms. Third, we implemented multiple rounds of proofreading and cross-referencing to ensure meticulous attention to detail and compliance with Swedish regulatory standards.

Why Tomedes?

With over two decades in the language and translation industry, Tomedes provides Swedish translation solutions for international businesses and organizations across various sectors. In addition to offering language and translation support in English, Swedish, and over 150 other languages, Tomedes excels in delivering precise and consistent translations.

Our proven track record includes handling complex technical documents across various industries, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of accuracy and quality. Our expertise extends to detailed technical content, regulatory compliance, and industry-specific terminology, providing our clients with reliable and tailored translation solutions to their specific needs.

Our project team excels in utilizing translation memory software to maintain consistency and efficiency. We employ these tools to rigorously conduct quality control measures, including multiple rounds of proofreading and cross-referencing, ensuring high-quality results.

The solution

Firstly, we conducted a thorough analysis of the source material to identify all technical terms and special sections requiring particular attention. This step was crucial in planning the translation process and ensuring that every detail was accounted for, helping us maintain the integrity and accuracy of the content.

Secondly, we employed translators with extensive expertise in technical content and industry-specific terminology. These professionals ensured that all technical terms were translated accurately, maintaining consistency and clarity throughout the manual.

Thirdly, we addressed non-editable text issues by creating text boxes for the translations. This innovative solution ensured that the translated text was properly placed within the manual without altering the original images. By overlaying text boxes, we maintained the manual's original format and design, ensuring that the final product was both accurate and visually coherent.

The result

Within a month, we successfully translated our client's manual from English to Swedish. They were impressed with the accuracy and precision of our translation, particularly the consistent and precise use of technical terminology throughout the document.

In our most recent email correspondence, the client informed us that they had submitted the translated product manual to Swedish regulatory agencies for compliance review. They expect to receive approval within a month, which will allow them to operate and sell their product in Sweden. The client also expressed their eagerness to collaborate with us on future projects.


Tomedes successfully translated LiftTech's product manual from English to Swedish, overcoming technical and regulatory challenges to deliver a high-quality, compliant translation. This project highlights Tomedes' expertise in technical translations and commitment to client satisfaction.

For any business or organization needing Swedish technical translations for their manuals and other content, Tomedes offers unparalleled expertise and precision. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals and expand your global presence.

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