Swedish to English medical report translation

Recently, a Tomedes client asked us to translate a medical report for him from Swedish to English.

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Swedish to English medical report translation

March 04, 2018

There are all sorts of reasons behind people needing their medical reports and records translated from one language to another. These range from individuals who fall ill while overseas to those working abroad and satisfying the demands of their employer or the local visa authority.

Recently, a Tomedes client (who had previously used and been impressed by our birth and marriage certificate translation service) asked us to translate a medical report for him from Swedish to English. He needed the report for an official purpose, so asked us to provide a certificate of translation. Certified translation is a service that Tomedes provides in order to assure the reader of the translated document as to its authenticity as an accurate copy of the original text. 

We got to work right away, using one of our most experienced Swedish medical translators, who had lived in the UK since childhood and was extremely proficient at medical translation. She worked swiftly and efficiently to produce a superb quality translation, well before the client’s deadline. 

The client was delighted with the result. The translated document was in flawless English, mirrored the formatting and layout of the original and was accompanied by a certificate of translation – precisely what he needed from a professional translation service. The translation cost was also well within his budget, ensuring that he was a very happy client indeed! His glowing Tomedes review left no doubt as to his satisfaction with our translation service. 

If you need something translated, Tomedes can help. Our expertise covers everything from marketing documents to video translation and we cover a vast range of language pairings in order to serve clients all around the world. 

You can contact Tomedes by phone, email or the live chat service on our website. You can also use the website to obtain an instant quote for your translation cost. 

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