Tomedes Supports Leading Tech Firm to Accelerate Growth

Tomedes assisted a returning client on a large-scale translation project, leading this high-tech authority to reach a large new user base.

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Tomedes Supports Leading Tech Firm to Accelerate Growth

February 24, 2023

The Tomedes team has been delighted to work with an increasing number of tech firms in recent years, as our translation services are always keeping pace with evolving and emerging trends. Just recently, we helped one such client by providing a series of English to French technical translations. The translation project encompassed user guides for the client’s analytics platform, visual intelligence platform, and admin manager.

English to French Technical Translation: The Challenge  

It’s a busy time for AI technology businesses across the globe. In recent years, deep learning, generative models, reinforcement learning, explainable AI, and edge computing have created a myriad of new opportunities. The stir caused by ChatGPT–both within the tech community and, notably, beyond it–is just one window into how fast AI is advancing.

Our client is one of the leading companies riding that wave, providing award-winning AI tech to deliver real-world benefits in Europe, Israel, the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. The Tomedes team is supporting the firm’s seamless operation across those different countries and regions by providing high quality technical document and software translation services for multiple projects.  

The client’s products are supporting businesses around the world to scale in new ways. Analytics platforms play a key role in enabling companies to identify areas for growth based on how users are consuming their products, as well as helping to check on the healthy operation of services and flag up unexpected issues. Visual intelligence platforms present that information in ways that enable the user to interpret and interrogate the data without first having to obtain a qualification in data science. Admin managers, meanwhile, make it easy for administrators to manage user accounts.  

This was a highly technical translation that encompassed three detailed user guides, each packed with technical language, diagrams, screenshots, code snippets and more. Each document had to be word perfect to guarantee that the client’s customers could get the best out of its products. The quality of the translation would therefore have a direct impact on the client’s monetization plans. The Tomedes team was more than ready to take on the challenge.   

Why Tomedes? 

We had already impressed the client with previous translations that we had completed for them. They knew they could rely on Tomedes to deliver high quality technical translations, even when deadlines were tight. The client also liked our customer-first approach, our one-year guarantee for every translation we provide, and the fact that Tomedes holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for our quality management systems.   

Another winning factor was the strength and breadth of the Tomedes team. We have been providing translation services since 2007, during which we’ve built up an extensive network of translators that spans the globe. We cover a huge range of languages while also providing sector-specific translation experts in fields such as healthcare, finance and tech.   

These factors, combined with our competitive pricing for business translation customers, inspired the client to try out Tomedes in the first place. Once they did, the quality and efficiency of our service kept them coming back for more.  

Delivering Winning Technical Translation Solutions  

Tomedes’ project manager liaised with the client to discuss their translation needs in depth. We knew from the outset that accuracy and quality were essential. User guides, by their nature, need to provide simple, clear instructions that meet a range of needs. The analytics platform user guide, for example, walked users through how to set up data sources, how to create data models, and how to run reports, among other things. All three user guides also contained troubleshooting tips, glossaries of terms, and frequently asked questions.  

Consistency across the three documents was also important. Many users would be consulting all three guides, so we needed to maintain consistency across the technical terminology used in them.

For this English to French translation service, we assigned one of our native French-speaking technical translators. The client had requested the same translator work on all three documents, which we were most happy to facilitate (we can also arrange for teams of translators to work on documents concurrently, where time is more of an issue). The project manager and the translator liaised closely on the documents, to ensure that they were in line with the client’s needs and expectations, and that any queries were resolved quickly and efficiently.  

The Result? A Happy Client!  

The client appreciated our attention to detail throughout this project, which resulted in a high-quality translation of all three technical user guides, perfectly in line with the client’s needs. They were pleased not just with the quality of the translation itself but also with the enthusiasm and drive of the Tomedes team, which made for a pleasant and stress-free translation process. The client is already planning to send further documents to the Tomedes team for translation, which we will be delighted to assist them with. 

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