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Tomedes translated a multitude of legal documents into Portuguese, Swahili, and Afrikaans to render an international plan of action available to all.

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Tomedes’ Translation Services Support Aims of UN Agency Partner

April 27, 2023

An International Committee’s Mission

As the world grapples with the complexities and challenges of addressing drug-related issues, the need for concerted efforts and a unified approach has become increasingly evident. A leading European committee, dedicated to facilitating the establishment of drug policies across the continent and beyond, plays a pivotal role in this global endeavor. By acting as a vital bridge between civil society and international agencies, this UN agency partner fosters cooperation and ensures the exchange of crucial information on NGO activities and pressing concerns in the realm of drug policy.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, the committee required professional translation services to make their legal documents accessible to a global audience. This would not only broaden the reach of their policies but also ensure that a diverse range of stakeholders could contribute to the development and implementation of informed drug policies. By partnering with Tomedes, this UN agency partner took a crucial step toward facilitating international collaboration and strengthening the global response to drug-related challenges.

A Complex Translation Project

The project centered around translating crucial legal documents from English into Portuguese, Swahili, and Afrikaans, which were vital for the committee’s efforts to shape drug policy in Africa. These documents outlined the key principles and recommendations aimed at addressing drug-related challenges within the continent. An accurate translation of these essential materials was of paramount importance, as they would guide the collective response of African civil society organizations and governments in tackling drug issues.

Tomedes, who had previously collaborated with this client and built a solid reputation as a reliable and experienced translation company, was chosen to provide translation support for this endeavor. Our blended expertise in legal document translation and translation support for NGOs and nonprofits gave us the edge needed to provide a solution both culturally and linguistically pertinent to the targeted public. We understood that for this to be a successful translation, it not only had to be  accurate but also effectively communicate the nuanced information across various regions in Africa. Our use of best translation and management practices paired with our commitment to the development of a cohesive approach to drug policy also facilitated for the client our takeover of the project.

Fostering Collaboration Through Language

Our dedicated team of translators tackled the challenge of translating the committee's legal documents with unwavering care and meticulous attention to detail, understanding the significance of delivering professional English to Portuguese, Swahili, and Afrikaans translation services. Each translator was a native speaker of their respective target language, allowing them to accurately capture the unique cultural and linguistic subtleties inherent to each population.

This project required a tailored approach rather than a generic solution; it demanded an in-depth exploration of each culture to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of language and thought distinctive to every specific population. Given that these translations would be relied upon by the international community at the highest level, they had to adhere to the most stringent standards of accuracy.

By engaging native translators and proofreaders for each target language, Tomedes ensured that the legal document translations were completed with both precision and cultural awareness. This commitment to excellence guaranteed that the committee's message was effectively and accurately conveyed to its intended audience, fostering cohesive collaboration and a unified strategy for addressing drug policy across diverse regions.

Delivering Quality and Accuracy to Support Global Initiatives

At Tomedes, our unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy enabled us to expertly translate the committee's legal documents, paying close attention to the humanitarian aspects that underpin their vital work. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification serves as a guarantee that we adhere to the highest international standards in our translation processes.

Upon receiving the completed translations, the client expressed their satisfaction and gratitude, which in turn empowered them to confidently pursue their international initiatives. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in the committee’s ongoing mission to shape compassionate and effective drug policies worldwide.

With the accurate and culturally-sensitive translations provided by Tomedes, the client was able to reach diverse audiences and forge meaningful global partnerships. This ultimately united various stakeholders in the pursuit of shared humanitarian objectives. 

Building a Better Future Together

These achievements vividly illustrate the transformative power of language and its undeniable impact on uniting people from different backgrounds. Translation serves as a vital instrument in bridging cultural divides, fostering mutual understanding, and driving meaningful dialogue between diverse communities. By facilitating global collaboration, translation plays an indispensable role in working towards a better, more inclusive future where shared goals can be pursued collectively, transcending boundaries and fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation across nations.

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