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Tomedes provides translations and subtitles for all films, in any language. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Translate Your Film to Any Language

June 14, 2010

page updated January 12, 2023

Recently a client in Baton Rouge requested film translation from Russian to English for specified film clips, and English to Spanish subtitling for one specific film. While subtitling can be a bit trickier, and requires more materials to be submitted from the client, Tomedes is a professional translation service that prides itself on our translation abilities across all formats and types of translation. Spanish subtitling especially, is a commonly requested form of translation services within audiovisual and film industries, because of the demand for Spanish film translation. We are happy to provide subtitling service to anyone for educational or business translation reasons, or for any other purpose.


We Enlist a Group of Translators, Proofreaders, and Creatives

The client located in Baton Rouge, LA (specific client details are prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality agreements) needed Russian film translation for specified film clips, and translation from English to Spanish subtitling. The Spanish translator was requested to have audiovisual translation experience, and Iberian Spanish as their mother-tongue for localization and dialect purposes.

We have recently provided other audiovisual translations for subtitling service, film translation, audio transcription, and more. Among these have included several other Spanish subtitling services, German tutorial translation, Youtube translation from French to English, and much more in the audiovisual industry. Our clients continue to return to us for any type of document or technical translation because of our low translation rates, high quality, and excellent customer service. 


We Are Eager to Hear Your Project – Free Quote

To get a quote on any subtitling translation service, there is a bit more involved than a regular document translation service request. There are several things that must be submitted via email at, so that we can give you a quick response, and an estimate of our lowest translation price for an audiovisual or technical translation service.

  • Please also provide the original language video for us to view during the translation process.

  • In addition to the video file, please also provide the original source text for us to analyze and review during subtitle translation process.

  • We would need the original language content of the video or film to be time-coded, so that the correlating Spanish subtitles for the English content will accurately appear on screen with precise timing. Tomedes can provide a quote for time-coded hours of translation if preferred.

  • Other specifications we need are the number of lines allowed per screen shot, and the number of characters allowed in each line. Most subtitling companies have regulations about the number of characters allowed per line, which you will need to defer to the subtitling company for. All of this information will determine where to create line breaks in the Spanish subtitles.

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