Streamline Your Product Adoption and Localization: Helping a Tech Company

Tomedes’ expert localization service supported a digital tech client to implement its product adoption strategy, connecting its product with global consumers.

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Streamlined Product Adoption and Localization for a Tech Company

December 12, 2023

Technology underpins almost every area of modern life. Such is the pace of technological development that MarketsandMarkets projects the digital transformation market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) or 24.1% between 2023 and 2030. Increasing digitization means businesses must focus on how to improve product adoption and streamline sales and marketing processes or be left behind.

Our Client

One recent product adoption strategy example is a digital tech client that asked Tomedes to localize its user guide and operator manual. The client had a clear user adoption strategy, designed to bring its product experience to audiences across the globe. With a well-developed product adoption framework and a clear goal, the client knew that localization was the missing element of its journey to success. Tomedes’ expert localization service supported the client to connect its product with global consumers.

The Challenge

Consumers around the world are hungry for digital innovation. Yet developing an exciting product and connecting with consumers using the right marketing and adoption tactics are two very different challenges.

Multilingual Technical Documentation: Providing clear, localized training materials for a diverse workforce and communicating clearly with customers are key strands of any international product adoption strategy.

Software/App Localization: Consumers need to interface with digital products in their own language. This means localizing every touchpoint for a seamless experience of the tech in the consumer’s native tongue.

Community and User Forum Translation: Effectively engaging international audiences doesn’t end with product sales. Ongoing, localized support is core to keeping customer satisfaction scores high and earning positive reviews.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes worked with this client on the adoption and localization strategy for its cutting-edge digital tech product. We delivered:

Industry-Expert Native Translators: Our extensive network of industry experts covers every vertical, meeting the needs of every product and business, no matter where they – or their consumers – are located.

1-Year Warranty for All Projects: Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we always go the extra mile for every client. We operate 24/7/365 for superior service and support – guaranteed.

Robust Incentive Programs: We give back to our clients to foster mutual growth. Doing so means we build effective partnerships for long-term success, supporting solid economic growth.

Professional localization services deliver all this and more, enabling clients to streamline the sales process and drive adoption success, no matter how large the language gap between product and consumer.

The Result

Digital technology progress has the power to create a better connected, more informed world. Knowledge sharing, enhanced communications, access to services and more are all driven by such advances.


What are the stages of product adoption? Where does localization fit in? Speak to Tomedes to find out.

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