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Powering Construction Sector E-Learning Through Translation and Voice Over Recording

January 16, 2024

Tomedes has seen demand for its Spanish voice over services for e-learning and other media content increase notably recently. As a leading Spanish voice over provider, we work with e-learning businesses around the world. Our clients use translation and voice over services to make their content accessible to speakers of other languages and thus grow their client base and profitability. 

Our Client: Spanish Voice Over for E-Learning

Our client is a long-established provider of innovative e-learning services, offering tailored solutions designed to develop teams’ skills and support business growth. This includes extensive work in the construction sector, meaning the client’s translation and voice over requirements included plenty of industry-specific terminology.

The client was seeking a Mexican Spanish voice over talent to deliver its latest e-learning materials. With far-reaching experience of completing Spanish voice over jobs successfully, the Tomedes team was happy to help. 

The Project: Translating E-Learning Materials for the Construction Industry

The client needed a range of e-learning materials for the construction industry translated from English to Mexican Spanish. These included both written and video content. For the latter, the client required clear and effective voiceovers in MP3 format, recorded separately for each segment of the learning experience. They needed a Spanish voice over artist familiar with construction industry terminology, as well as a translator with that same knowledge who could take care of the written materials. 

Spanish Voice Overs for E-Learning

There are often considered to be four main learning styles: visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. Our client’s e-learning materials seek to serve each of these styles, through written content, video with audio, and practical, hands-on tasks to be completed during the learning experience.

Tomedes worked with the client to ensure that Spanish-speaking audiences could engage with this carefully crafted content. This ensured broader accessibility to the client’s e-learning materials, complementing the client’s own efforts to ensure accessibility by serving all four learning styles. Our Spanish voice overs supported the client to engage successfully with Spanish-speaking construction industry learners. 

The Challenges of Providing Voice Over Services 

Providing a Spanish voice actor for this client meant overcoming several challenges:

Language Accuracy and Relevance: We had to ensure the precise translation of construction-specific terminology into Mexican Spanish, requiring a highly experienced translator.

Voice Over Quality and Clarity: It was essential to deliver high-quality, clear voice overs, conveying instructional content effectively. This meant using a Spanish voice talent comfortable with construction terminology.

Segmented Recording: We had to manage the recording process to align perfectly with different e-learning material segments.

Why Tomedes? Seeing Our Professional Spanish Voice Over Talent in Action 

Our plentiful experience of providing Spanish voice over artists was a key attraction for this client. With a history of working with Spanish voice actors, we could quickly and easily provide someone with relevant experience.

The client was also drawn to Tomedes’ expertise in handling e-learning translation and voice over projects, as well as our construction industry experience. Combined with our commitment to accuracy, quality, and fast delivery, this meant the client could rely on Tomedes to meet its project-specific requirements. 

The Result: Spanish E-Learning Success 

By using Tomedes’ Spanish voice overs, the client achieved its goal of enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of its e-learning materials. This delivered multiple benefits. For the client, it opened a broader customer base and provided new economic opportunities. For learners, it supported improved learning outcomes and elevated work performance among Spanish-speakers in the construction sector.

There was also a reputational gain for the client. The high quality of its translated learning materials and the Spanish voice overs on its videos meant that learners were happy to speak highly of their experience – and to recommend the client to others. This ‘social proof’ can do much to influence people’s purchasing decisions. 

Conclusion: Why It’s Essential to Hire the Best Spanish Voice Actor for Your Project

Tomedes delivers outstanding value when meeting your Spanish voice over needs. If you want to enhance your content with best-in-class translation and voice over talent, it’s time to speak to Tomedes. Our efficient team is here to help you succeed.

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