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Video game translation

October 09, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

Video game translation and app translation (which these days can blur into one and the same thing, thanks to technological progress) allows people around the world to enjoy the latest video game releases, regardless of where they are based. To ensure that all those who play can enjoy the same gaming experience, high quality translation is absolutely essential. That’s why a number of video game producers rely on Tomedes for their translations. 

Most recently, our professional translation services were required for the conversion of a Spanish video game designed to be played on mobile phones into English. Our leading Spanish translator had just finished her last project and was able to get to work immediately for this client. It was the client’s first experience of using a translation agency, so we were happy to spend some time explaining his options in terms of services like desktop publishing and certified translation

As soon as the client was comfortable with the process, we got to work. The translator worked swiftly through the copy required for the game, flagging up queries as she wen. These queries related largely to the made up place names used in the game and the translator was delighted to work closely with the client in order to suggest suitable English made up names based on the Spanish originals. 

The translation took just over two weeks altogether, due to the large amount of copy, but was still well within the client’s deadline, so he was delighted to receive it so quickly. He was also pleased at the value for money he received by using Tomedes for his translation – he received a high quality, attentive translation service for less than he had originally budgeted. Another happy customer! 

If you have a document that you would like translated, whether for business purposes or personal use, Tomedes can help. Use our website to obtain an instant quote or contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. 

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